Is the Car A Boon or A Menace?

With the development of economy and technology, more and more facilities have being invented by those great inventors and scientists, and the car seems to be one of the most influential inventions for us; but it is also a double-edged sword, at present, we are not sure whether is it a boon or menace?


The birth of cars has made an enormous change to our life. In the past, we travel from one place to another only by foot, nowadays, cars can do it. The use of the car is becoming more and more widespread in the 21st century. It goes with saying that the invention of cars brings great benefit to all of us.


Owing a car has a lot of advantages. Possessing a car gives a much greater degree of mobility, enabling the driver to move around freely without spending a lot of time. Car provides us the most convenient way of transportation, and then the car owner is no longer forced to rely on public transport to decide where to go. Emotionally, I always think that driving own car is much exciting and comfortable. With the building of good, fast motorways long distances can be covered rapidly and pleasantly. And many people are now able to enjoy their leisure time to the full by making trips to the country or seaside at weekends, instead of being confined to their immediate neighborhood. In addition, drivers are usually much safer in their cars when they are out at night.


However, as proverb goes: no garden without weeds. Car is not exception.


Cars bring the human merits; their side-effects gradually come to the surface. Firstly, a car needs a lot of oil to run, which is getting less and less, so the increasing number of cars contribute the lacking of energy. Secondly, as more and more cars are used, the traffic especially in big cities is getting heaver and heavier, which lead to the serious social problem–traffic jam, endless queues of cars crawling bumper to bumper through all the main streets. Difficulties in finding parking lots, and the cost of petrol and road tax all add to the driver’s worries.

There is another serious problem, as more and more cars are produced and used, so the emission from their exhaust pipes contains an ever larger volume of poisonous gas, which not only pollutes the atmosphere but causes actual harm to the health of people. Therefore, the new energy should be explored to replace the oil as soon as possible so that our environmental pollution can be eased.


With both of these advantages and disadvantages of the use of a car in mind, I, personally, prefer to have my own car ( ) for work and play. With the car, I can have a wider choice of jobs and no longer have to work locally, and I can make better use of my free time by driving out at weekends. The feeling of independence, and the freedom to go where I please, that is what I enjoy most! How about you? What is your opinion on the car?