Is There An Ancona Chicken In Your Future?

History of a chicken? Yes, Ancona chickens used so much around the world began in the Province of Ancona, Italy and the Port of Ancona, the city from which it spread across the world. In the mid eighteen hundreds the popular little chicken arrived in England, being exported in the late eighteen hundreds to America.

In Italy, the chicken can be found in browns, reds and white. This is probably why some copper color, once in a while, shows up in the hackles of the neck. The spangled color has come suspected mingling over the centuries of the Black Leghorn and original Mottled Leghorns. But the Black Leghorn passed on its greenish black feathers (purple tint also can be seen) tipped with white as well as its yellow, featherless legs and four well spaced toes. Toes are important? Yes, they are! Like human toes and those of many other mammals, toes help with keeping balance. Earlobes? Chickens have earlobes as well! And the Ancona has those, in the color of white.

On top of the head of the hen, will be found a single floppy comb with the rooster sporting a very straight and tall one. A second variety is the rose colored comb. Their sharp eyesight from the bay colored eyes and its coloring, aids it in staying away from the bad guys!

There are Red Australian types, Bantam and many large and smaller kinds. They are pretty common. The Australian variety is red with white specks on the neck area feathers.

Moulting (losing feathers) is natural and as these feathers grow back in, the white tips will grow back larger, allowing the age to be determined quite easily. The six pound rooster is a bit larger than the hen, who weighs in at a mere four and a half pounds. She is a great egg producer and as a pet, living eight years makes them about perfect.

If egg producing chickens interest you, the Ancona does that quite well. Once a day for perhaps five days a week, she will lay one white egg. Once in a while, it will show up with tinted eggs! A hundred and sixty to a hundred and eighty eggs a year should be a nice egg-laying hen. And they also have a great feed/egg conversion rate. All around good little chicken.

When they do choose to sit a clutch of eggs, the hens can grow a nice little batch of chickies that are durable and strong. The babies, if taken from the hen and cared for by hand, can become quite happy little pets. Teach them tricks and to come when called and they and the owner will be pleased!

The Ancona does not care to be penned up in small spaces. The females are busy little birds, the males being slower. The fact that they are cold hardy will aid the owner in decisions regarding housing. The pet chicken may want to be housed closer to their owner, the regulars in a hen house or coop. Sometimes called a chicken house, this should provide shelter from the elements as well as from predators. Normally this is where the nests would be located as well.

In doing research, there can be found a funny piece of information. There is an online game of magic that uses the Ancona Chicken as a pet, although it is a non-fighting pet, that can be called forth to follow the warrior around. He wont assist in combat, however! Why don’t chickens like people? They beat eggs! (snicker, chuckle!).
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Robocop Fried Chicken commercial (korea 1980s)
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