Israel’s Five-star Hotel Phnix Championship Successfully Completed – Heat Pump, Energy Saving –

HC Heat Pump Network News from Jerusalem, by the PHNIX (Fennikezi) Group beat many world famous enterprises in the Israeli-known five-star championship

Hotels Jerusalem King David Hotel (KingDavidJerusalemHotel) project has successfully completed.

King David Hotel in Jerusalem panorama Main
(HC HVAC With air conditioning and refrigeration network map)

As the project side of King David Hotel in Jerusalem, said outside the meeting that the hotel’s air conditioning, hot water and swimming pool projects are all heated by PHNIX

Energy Type high Heat Pump . It is learned that the hotel is an internationally renowned luxury hotel, because the hardware class and excellent service, the hotel has been selected for the world famous “Forbes 400 strong international tourist hotel.”

PHNIX heat
Pump Workplace corner unit (HC HVAC network with map)

The Championship Jerusalem King David Hotel in PHNIX heat pump with energy-saving “King Kong” series of large unit-based. According PHNIX

New Energy R & D centers to experts, “King Kong” very scientific structure design unit, is to adapt to high temperature climate, even if the temperature at 40

Environment , With a strong spray of cooling units, while the climatic conditions at minus 15 under the unit is not easy frosting. Unit can provide hot water all-weather, at any time for cooling, heating, hot water mode conversion; to meet conditioning requirements, but also solved the issue of domestic hot water users. As PHNIX “King Kong” set the most advanced new generation of highly efficient tube

Heat exchanger , With small high efficiency heat exchanger, the casing also has a strong self-cleaning, automatic descaling ability to successfully overcome the common heat exchanger fouling thermal efficiency is low and the water pipes burst blocking problems. Based on the advanced nature of the design concept, “King Kong” unit microcomputer controller for automatic detection, automatic fault determine, automatically protected. In addition, the “King Kong” machine unit a very significant energy savings, energy efficiency as high as 4.5 or more.

PHNIX relevant Group responsible for overseas
Sell Business executives made a statement to the media said that after years of unremitting efforts, the enterprise groups in Israel set up a complete sales channel and service network and a local high-end consumer groups to establish a good reputation. PHNIX Group will further strengthen Israel and other Middle Eastern countries with the main dealer

Cooperation , Relying on its own R & D strengths, the depth of the operation of the Middle East market.

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