Issues and Blunders to Be Avoided When Designing Chicken Runs

The idea or rather the alternative of allowing your chickens to move around freely is a good thing but at the same time, you have to protect them as well. The best thing about raising them on your farm or in your own backyard is that you will get fresh eggs every morning and well they will keep your grass neat and clean.

So, you are raising them on your farm or in your backyard, where are they going to live or rather sleep or even lay their eggs in peace? Well, if you haven’t thought of how you are going to protect them or thought about where they are going to live, then you better think fast as the demand for chicken runs is increasing day by day and well, you may not have anything to buy.

So, hurry up and buy one today so that your chickens or hens can have a healthy life to live and enjoy their privacy as well. Wait; before you get into buying one, there are few things you have to consider to avoid making mistakes in the future.

Varmints or predators- You have to keep your pets safe from the surrounding pets, snakes, raccoons and raptors like owls and crows. I don’t think you want a pigeon or an eagle for that matter to be swooping in for a free lunch and giving you or anyone else a horrible disease. You will have to think of using all kinds of materials to keep the varmints away.

Running away- You know chickens can fly and well if given the chance, will definitely will. Even though they are considered to be ground animals, they can fly on to a branch of a tree. Did you know that they like to sleep on a high roosts for security purposes. Well, to make sure they do not run away, you have to make sure the chicken runs are safe.

Dirt- the ground of the chicken runs is a major challenge as it becomes tough trying to place when in the right place. What I mean to say is that you don’t want to keep in wet mud or in a dirty place. So, it is best and ideal to place it on a high ground with perfect drainage. Chickens are fond of scratching around in the dirt and plants.
Movable versus stationery chicken runs- If you want your chicken runs has to remain in the same place, you will have to make a ground over or litter. The major advantage of a movable run is that you can easily move it around whenever needed.

After looking at what we’ve just discussed, you shouldn’t have a problem with getting custom made chicken runs for your pets without making any blunders. You have to think about your chicken’s life and make sure they are not living in a cramped up space. If you have any sort of problems or issues, you can always ask the experts from Cocoon for help. For more information, visit:
Sabung Ayam
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