It is Raining Negative News On The Democrats In Washington

This morning I have been reading the numerous newspapers I diligently peruse every morning, or sometime during the day.

In the headlines, the Supreme Court yesterday struck down the silly McCain-Feingold Act on campaign reform, a piece of legislation that was patently unconstitutional from the moment of its inception. McCain’s Folly, as I known as it, was instrumental in his own defeat by the Obamessiah. The Supreme Court agreed that it limits free of charge speech, and is as a result no longer enforceable.

While you and I have been cutting back, and are soon to start off paying a bunch of heinous new taxes, goverment workers are having a lot of a party on your dimes. It appears the Obama folks are not enforcing controls on how the government does company, and that government workers are now acting as even though they are the new and enhanced AIG.

Watchdog groups who very easily located out such details in the previous are becoming stonewalled by the Obama men and women, who never like to admit that they have champagne tastes and caviar dreams. They also like 1st class airfare, 5 star hotels, and as much golf as they can get in on some of the nation’s leading courses.

Nancy Pants said yesterday that she doesn’t have the votes to pass health care reform out of the Home, and that there will be no rush.

John Edwards admitted what every person has known for two years, that he is the father of a baby born to a campaign aide. But remain tuned, simply because he may be the father of more than one.

The Justice Department is exerting executive priviledge in the Black Panther voter fraud case, refusing to release memo’s in between the Attorney General and staffers.

Obama is busy this morning trying to become a populist by trashing the banks, who have repaid his money but cannot appear to shake his hand off their ass.

But the most important story of the day is that the military is coming under intense fire for trying to court martial 3 Navy Seals for punching a terrorist in the stomach. 100,000 people have signed up for a Facebook web page, “Help The Navy Seals Who Captured Ahmed Hashim Abed.”

I have written about this story twice before, and the Chief Jackass in Charge, Army Major Common C.T. Cleveland, who ought to turn in his fatigues, and order a dress. He is a politically correct moron, who can not appear to figure out who the enemy is. (Now we all know who is assisting him…I think he’s named Commander Dithers, who never met an Arab he could not bow to.)

The Defense Division is now employing every slime dog trick in the book to get an individual to speak, and if the Large Kahuna was in charge, there would be really a quantity of forced retirements among the officer class. The Common is feeling the heat, and felt it essential to cry to Congressman Dan Burton, who rejected his reasoning out of hand.
Maintain your eye on this case, and send letters to your Congressman and Senators, who just may well be listening a small far better soon after Tuesday.

You don’t send a Seal Group out to capture a killer with daisies. And if the sumbitch gets a small bruised up he can thank Allah he isn’t dead. Due to the fact if it had been me…I feel my weapon may possibly have misfired due to a manufacturing issue. Simply because as my longtime Rushkie friend says, “Dead terrorists tell no tales.”

Or if you just alter the words…Ready…Aim……Fire…Ready…Aim we wouldn’t be wasting tax dollars and time on tablecloth wearing turds.

And prior to I go today…I just want to say that if you drive a pick up truck you must be a racist, at least according to Keith Olbermann, (PMS NBC) and Howard Fineman. (Newsweek) They opined that the symbolism of the pick up is a secret subliminal message to Whitey. Which just proves that they never know anybody that isn’t a carbon copy of themselves. (A..holes)

Next week they’ll be bringing back the vast proper wing conspiracy.

I am not kidding.

Correct now I’m going to verify my toolbox to see if I require something for spring. You must do the very same.
Sabung Ayam
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