It is time to unearth Java Indonesia

Indonesia is the finest place that you should consider visiting the next time that you go for vacation. Many people have been planning their vacations for a long time, and searching for stunning destinations has been quite hectic. This should not bother you any more because Java Indonesia is a stunning vacation destination for everyone including adults, youth and children too. This island is known for offering unique experiences for anyone who is wishing to trek through it. There are numerous places for trekking in Java Island, for example Merapi. Merapi is a famous area that is located in the eastern side of Java, and is quite popular with tourists who love exploring tropical forests, tourists who wish to see lakes and mountains, and tourists who love meeting and mingling with local people and getting to find out more regarding about the local people, their tradition as well as culture. As you stand on the edge of the volcanoes that are in Java Indonesia, you will be in a position to enjoy the most stunning views of the island.

It is in Java Island that you find Mount of Bromo, which has a crater that is the most famous volcanic places found all over the world. The best experience is felt when you start walking towards the top of Mount Bromo at night, where you dive into the fog, and beat its sharp slopes before or by the time the sun rises. It is in this way that you will be able to enjoy the sun rising above this mountain and also see the rays get mixed up with the Bromo smoke, looking like they are going to blow up each minute. You can also enjoy observing this mountain from the Penanjaka mountain viewpoint, which is also another area that is worth visiting. Semeru is another volcanic mountain that is found in the south-eastern side of Java Indonesia. It is the highest spot of Java Island with an altitude of 3676 meters above sea level. This adventure is quite hectic, and the only people who are able to reach the top are those who are physically fit and are above 15 years. Once you reach the top of Semeru volcano, you will be in a position to enjoy an implausible sunrise.

It is a good idea to ensure that you trek to flower of Flores, which is also known as Kelibara and its highest peak is 1713 meters. This Flores is located in Kelimutu National Park, and is home to the finest impressive places. If you are in the mood of trekking, ensure that you visit Kelimutu Mountain, which is bound to stun your thinking as you look at the popular lakes where the water changes its color, for sure! Trekking to this mountain is quite exhausting and steep too, but when you think of the lakes that are known to change colors from blue, to green and red as well, it is worth trying. These are some of the wonders Java island that you should never miss!
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