It’s 10:00 PM Do You Know Where Your Solo Ads Are?

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You find a really good affiliate program to promote and see that lots of people all over the Internet are cashing in on this new product, so you decide to jump in and get your share of the pie.

It couldn’t be any easier then this you think to yourself. Pretty soon you will send out a couple of solo ads that are provided for you from your affiliate programs marketing tools and then the next day you will wake up with endless seeing amounts of “You just made a sale” in the subject of your e-mails when you go to check them.

You stay up and can’t sleep waiting for the big day to send out your ad. All day at work you are thinking about how you just want to get out of there and go home and make some real money online.

Finally you get home and get straight to work. You start your computer and log in to your affiliate account. Before you know it you have just spent $ 100 on a solo ad that will go out to 50,000 subscribers.

You now shut down and go to sleep. Tomorrow night after work you will check your e-mail and celebrate as the cash comes pouring in to your Paypal account.

The day is finally here. You come home late and fire up Outlook and start checking your e-mail. Suddenly the anxiety and depression set in as you find yourself staring at a screen full of spam and no sales at all.

It’s getting late and you head off to bed, but you find yourself wondering still what you did wrong. It’s now 10:00 PM and do you know where your solo ads are?

This is a scenario that many affiliate marketers face everyday. So many people trying to make money with solo ads, but just wind up in debt with nothing to show for it.

So how is it that someone can send out an ad for $ 75-100 and get a 500% return on their investment?

Because they constantly know where there ads are and how they are performing everyday by using ad tracking software which tracks sales and actions for their solo ad campaigns.

If you are going to do any paid advertising online, you must use some king of ad tracking software so you can know which ones are winners and which ones are losers. This way you can run the winners again and again until they dry out and drop the losers and cut losses immediately.

Far too many people make the mistake of sending out a solo ad thinking that it will convert for them just because they spent a lot of money on the ad and the subscriber list is huge. This is not always the case.

It is also important to always implement ad tracking so you can split test two different ads to the same list and see which performs better.

Before you go out and spend any money on advertising online, your first priority should be investing in a good quality ad tracking software that can tell you about lead and sale conversions with affiliate programs.

Make this wise decision and you will never again be scratching your head wondering what went wrong.
Sabung Ayam
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