January Second Visit To Wind Cooling With Cold Rain And Snow

China Weather Network News on January 19 ~ 23, most parts of China will be affected by cold weather, this is New Year, the second since the country experienced the process of cold weather. Central Meteorological Station chief forecaster Lim pointed out that the process of cold weather will bring strong winds most of the cool weather in China, all departments need to actively prepared to deal with work.

Cold will affect most of the meteorological department to respond positively to our

1 17 night, the surge began to affect the strong cold air in northern Xinjiang; 19 to 23, the strong cold air will continue moving east south east of Northwest China, and has affected most areas in the east.

“This is not the first time this year, experienced cold weather.” Winter, cold air activities have been more frequent, Lim said, the winter cold air is a normal phenomenon, in fact, the weather on a particular course, the really bad that some extreme, some special, but the beginning of this year, suffered a continuous cold indeed very rare.

Continuous cold weather, the people will certainly produce life

Energy Supply, Transportation Agriculture and animal husbandry, marine operations, adverse effects such as the Yellow River Ice, recommendations related to all localities and departments should take precautionary measures ahead of time.

CMA was at 18 o’clock on the January 16 launch of major meteorological disasters, emergency response grade . Meanwhile, the Central Meteorological Station under the “national meteorological disaster contingency plan” began to publish the relevant provisions of cold yellow warning. At a time when the eve of Spring Festival travel season, meteorological departments will continue to do a good job of monitoring cold weather forecasting and early warning, timely and relevant departments and the general public to provide targeted

Service Make every effort to the cold weather emergency protection work.

Four characteristics?? Experts elaborate on the cold

Since yesterday (the 17th) night, the surge began to affect the strong cold air in northern Xinjiang; 19 to 23, the strong cold air will continue moving east south east of Northwest China, and has affected most areas in the east. The cold weather has a large temperature drop, low temperature long duration, high winds affecting a wide range of regional Japanese snow and strong features of Local precipitation.

Large temperature drop. Estimated 18 to 23, the temperature will drop in most areas north 8 ~ 12 , cooling parts of 14 ~ 18 , in some areas up to 18 ~ 22 ; southern temperatures in most areas will drop 8 ~ 12 . After cooling, temperatures in most areas of China will be lower than the normal period 2 ~ 4 , but the temperature rose significantly in most areas now, there will be no breakthroughs in a wide range of daily minimum temperature history of extreme situation.

Cooling process wind forecast chart (2010 January 18 ~ 23)

Low-temperature long duration. Been supplemented by cold air, cold after the temperature of China in the eastern region will not significantly rise, low temperature will last a long time.

Minimum temperature forecast map (2010 January 18 ~ 23)

“Long duration low temperature was mainly due to strong cold air forces, intense cooling, and cold air from the north continue to have follow-up supplement, pick up slowly, I had this week in most areas are very difficult to appear back before the weekend warm weather. “

Strong winds affected a wide area. 18 to 23, the northwest and north of the Huaihe River will have a 5 to 6, 7 ~ 8 gust of north wind, the wind region of Xinjiang, p. 8 ~ 10; jianghan, South will have 4 to 5 level, northerly wind gust 6. 20 to 21, in East China Sea will have 8 to 9 winds; 22, in the southern sea area of 7 to 8 gale.

“As usual we often encounter the cold air is different. SABUNG AYAM
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