“Japan Rosicky” rapid jump red Bundesliga lead Juventus Milan clubs compete

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Just two months ago, “Shinji Kagawa,” except the name of the vast majority of people outside the Japanese fans still unfamiliar. This is to join Borussia Dortmund this summer were the Japanese unable to attend this summer’s World Cup, which he left his hometown to visit the Bundesliga club Cerezo Osaka almost no human attention. But after just a half months, and now has been in the Bundesliga Kagawa soar.

9 games 5 goals, 5 league games into 3 balls, Shouren rivals Schalke and Wolfsburg, with the help of in Kagawa, Dortmund fight 4 wins in the league 5 second 12 points, just like there revival trend. For this thin Japanese coach Keluo Pu said, “The Japanese can not only play the camera, some Japanese footwork is quite amazing,” manager Wa Cike even said “From the cost point of view than Shinji Kagawa several Diego grade. ” German media have played for him and the team of Czech Tomas Rosicky comparison, that they have a “wizard-like pace.”

Westphalia’s new idol, with its outstanding performance has also attracted interest from Italy. Italian website “Football Market” has been locked in the first burst of this North Fang Sanjiang 1.72 meters tall and the diminutive but skilful striker. The news followed by the German authority’s “Bild” and confirmed that German media side believes that the club is now interested in a lot of Kagawa, but no doubt the Italian club to go in the front. 25 “Milan News Network,” also said that because of the relationship between the Japanese national team coach Zaccheroni, and now Japanese players generally aspire to visit Italy venue.

Shinji Kagawa current contract with Dortmund expires in 2013, the current site in Germany for his assessment of the transfer market worth 250 million euros, the Italian top three wants to know everything to convince 250 German giants to give up the “Japan Rosicky” it?