Jeep Patriot – Nonetheless Ok for the School Run

Let’s be truthful, the days of the massive SUV are beginning to look numbered. Every day now Television reports are saying that fuel costs will continue to rise due to the sheer demand for oil specially from the developing nations. A couple of minutes on the net will inform you that even the US motorist is becoming hit with increasing fuel expenses (some say not prior to time) and the new car purchaser will have to make some tough choices prior to their subsequent acquire.

I watched a programme on Tv the other night about a guy who has traded-in his £40k BMW for an electric car and he utilizes it to commute into central London every day. I thought this was very laudable as he was generating a huge sacrifice for his executive automobile status. He was very a big guy as nicely and was crammed into this point and looked rather awkward a bit like when you had been a kid and your Dad forces himself into your pedal car as you appear on in anguish. The guy did reckon though that on average he was saving himself around £9k a year and benefited from free of charge parking and no congestion charge and just drove into a tiny underground parking space and plugged his car in for recharging. I guess if he got drunk soon after perform he could fairly considerably take the car property on the train.

I thought all this was fine if all you required for the day was a lunchbox and a copy of the Economic Times (maybe with a Harrods lingerie catalogue tucked among the pages) but as anyone with young children will know when it comes to transporting your tiny darlings even to the finish of the road nothing short of a removal lorry will suffice in order to cart around all their stuff!

Getting significant for a minute if I can the government appears to be determined for absolutely everyone to whiz around in tiny electric micro bubbles with out generating any considerations for the typical household with their 2.five kids and the poor old dog. When we went away for an overnight keep a even though back our vehicle was packed to the roof with stuff and understanding that my luggage consisted of a toothbrush and a pair of underpants (nicely you may possibly need them) I realised that the rest belonged to our 17 month old daughter.

We have an ancient Land Rover Discovery and I really feel pretty justified in owning it as we live in rural Warwickshire exactly where if you drove a modest vehicle it would either disappear for ever down a single of the numerous potholes or be written off colliding with a badger. However when dropping off my daughter at nursery I have noticed men and women downsizing their vehicles and despite the fact that as opposed to in components of London exactly where you are met by a baying mob of anti-4×4 protesters hurling abuse at you I have noticed a couple of raised eyebrows which is tantamount to the very same thing in these components.

If you actually can not survive without having some kind of SUV then aid may possibly be at hand from some thing like a Jeep Patriot. Even though the name is a tad nationalistic the automobile itself is fairly understated unless of course you go and place privacy glass and 18″ alloys on it.

The Patriot has a reduced ground clearance than a lot of larger SUV’s and you only want to engage the 4 wheel drive when you require it so when men and women say “look at them in their 4×4” you can say “nicely actually it really is two wheel drive most of the time” and then laugh as they get marooned on a soggy camp site as you calmly drive off. The Patriot’s trump card however is its fuel economy which is about 50mpg further urban and 42mpg combined for the diesel model which I would go for, also the C02 emissions are respectable at around 180 g/km for the diesel. The insurance coverage group is fairly low also.

So if you need to have area to go somewhere and really take your loved ones with you then the Patriot may possibly be the vehicle you have been looking for and you are going to nevertheless be in a position to turn up at the School gates without having hanging your head in shame!