Jewelry Designs Remain Bold and Bodacious in Spring 2009

Many designer jewelry experts recommended stock-piling up on statement jewelry in 2008, with anticipation that the trend would continue into 2009. While the focus last year was on choosing one signature piece and toning down the rest of the ensemble, the trend this spring is the bigger the better. On the runways in Paris, Milan and New York, models are sporting bold, exotic and colorful pieces that are paired with equally bold and colorful outfits (think purple).

Earrings and the Oscars
Watching the Oscars this year, you may have forgotten that we’re in recession. Apparently, the rule of thumb is that if you want to wear this season’s jewelry designs, go all out. The red-carpet A-listers didn’t let us down, sporting lavish, statement-making earrings. Angelina Jolie caused a stir in her Lorraine Schwartz emerald teardrop earrings accentuated with her strapless back Ellie Saab gown. Kate Winslet stunned the crowds in an asymmetrical Atelier Yves Saint Laurent gown and brilliant Chopard earrings. Other noteworthy Oscar earrings were donned by Alicia Keys, Evan Rachel Wood and Heidi Klum. The spectacle also proved that the chandelier earring trend stays strong in 2009 as well.

Beaded Jewelry Designs
One of the easiest ways to sport the color trends of this season is with beaded jewelry. Multi-colored beaded earrings, bracelets and necklaces provide sparkle and versatility with so many outfits. Choose natural-looking beads in turquoise, jade and coral for a splash of color from Mother Nature. Don’t forget bamboo, which is the new “wood” accessory for spring in necklaces and bracelets. Or, go for dangly, fresh water pearl earrings with a Bali accent for that tropical, “Bali-high” look. Choose one of this season’s multi-colored beaded necklaces that will take you from spring and summer into next fall.

Geometry of Jewelry Designs
Extending upon last year’s Art Deco trend, Ralph Lauren and Anna Sui are just two fashion designers who have embraced designer jewelry in geometric shapes and bold colors. From ethnic-inspired beading to imperial-esque jewels, the look features prominent stones and gems. Paired with a bold, geometric-design blouse or dress, the look is over-the-top fun.

Charms, Charms, Charms
Additional forecasts in jewelry trends will play upon ever-shortening necklines and sleeves. And what to do with that exposed skin? Well, accessorize them with dripping, colorful charms. Charms are a great way to express personal interests and passions, while exhibiting individuality. For clues on how to wear the trend, take a cue from celebrities, such as Gwen Stefani. The look can be worn with a few carefully selected charms of sentimental value, or chains overloaded with them. Charms in sterling silver or gold matched with beautiful glass beads in a bracelet is one of the most popular looks for the charm bracelet today.

The Silver Lining
An economic recession has everyone looking for the silver lining. And while gold may be out of reach for many right now, silver jewelry can bring a touch of brightness to any outfit. This affordable option is being combined beautifully with other metals including brass, copper and gold-filled for an affordable jewelry alternative. The timeless beauty of silver makes it a stylish choice for any season.

Arm Candy
For an inexpensive way to update the spring and summer wardrobe for 2009, make the most of your wrists. For those who love the bold looks of 2009 but may feel unsure about taking it to the limit, bracelets are a great way to make a strong statement. Bold, ornate cuffs are making their appearance on the runway, as are simple chains. For a truly dramatic statement, invest in an elongated cuff design worn on the upper arm.

Color and Metal
From clothing to jewelry, the thing to keep in mind this season is color. After a long winter, color returns in shades of sun-splashed tropical to juicy citrus. Jewelry is bursting with turquoise, yellow, fuchsia, aqua, lilac, and black, to name a few. Whether it’s jewelry designed to match tropical prints or mixed metals paired with the metallic look in dresses, the choices are going to be wide ranging.
Sabung Ayam