Jiaxing Clothing “wing Luen Dress” With A Smile Walking Posture Of The Brand Way –

Pinghu companies to explore in-depth transformation and upgrading of the road and a solid business innovation success, so that more individuals become a mainstay of the market to allow more enterprises to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading, Industrial and Commercial Administrative Management Bureau, City private (private) business associations, Jiaxing, Pinghu Branch Daily, launched the “typical?? Leading business transformation and upgrade,” large-scale news operation. Action News will be the “New Career, increase security and promote transfer, transformation and upgrade,” as its theme, the main city market, entrepreneurship and changes in the way of economic development practice emerged in the successes to report. Haier CEO Sun Ruimin

the “slope ball theory” so that companies like the slope of the ball, in order not to make the ball roll down, in addition to strengthening the internal management of the only power, but also a driving force for brand market share. Service industry from processing to the brand Clothing Production and management, in Dushan town of Pinghu City Wing Alliance Clothing Washing Ltd. transformation and upgrading of the road in a big step, gradually confirmed Sun Ruimin of this statement. Last year, annual output value of Fashion Wing Alliance 6,000 million, “Bond game” brand has also made good cities Sell Performance. In 2008, the enterprise value of relying solely on washing service is only about 10 million yuan.

” Financial Impact of the crisis so that our firm has the confidence to brands, find out the development of positioning, with the brand tight encirclement. “Yong Peng Yong, said deputy general manager of Union clothing, since the second half of 2008, severe economic situation, so that never once had a hard time associated clothing, because processing trade accounted for four percent share of enterprise value, with the increased production costs and processing fees decline, the “increase and decrease” to corporate profits declined by more than 20%.

Under crisis, always in conjunction clothing by adjusting the product structure, find out its location, the brand embarked on a path of production management. Currently, in Anhui, Tianjin and other cities to open more than 20 kinds of brand stores. “We also are thinking, this sales model may expand too rapidly, the road is not conducive to the brand’s steady and healthy development.” Peng Yong said this, they re-positioning of the products will be mainly targeted at consumer groups young to quality strategy to win market favor change from quantity to quality, each garment about the general production of 1000.

R & D is a brand of vitality. Dress the establishment of a permanent joint R & D team, R & D funding nearly one million yuan each year. ” Jeans The style is very important, we dedicated staff based in Guangdong, Shenzhen, the most popular element of reference over. “Peng Yong said that the current style of each quarter up to around 50 models. Not only that, the company and a specialist designer of the Russian and other foreign participation outstanding costume design, make design more diversified.

Economic theory in the “smile curve” is defined as: production is in the “smile curve” of the most low-end, very difficult to generate profits, and profits are derived from the “smiling curve” at both ends?? Design side and marketing side. Not long ago, never associated clothing at the invested more than 5000 million of Lu’An new production base, while the design and development, brand sales continued on the Pinghu. “On the one hand we can save labor costs, while also continue to rely on the advantages of Pinghu garment industry, constantly absorbing new ideas and learn from models.” Peng Yong said.

Company also continued to extend the industrial chain. Now, washing services, foreign trade is the production process extends upward management “Bond game” brand Cowboy Pants, down embroidery, carton processing also still do not let go, not only saving logistics cost effective, but also to shorten the production cycle of 30% full.

Notes: After the financial crisis of the times, always dress to initiate the transformation and upgrading in conjunction to extend the industrial chain, from OEM to own brand management changes. Wing Luen clothing brand not only embarked on the road, but also gradually acquired both the BFA has a faster pace in the way, these experiences for other businesses. SABUNG AYAM