Jin Tyrants Took Away The World Cup 2010 China Central Television Advertising – Turbo Journal

Obtained from Rimula Men Inc. news on CCTV advertising resources of the 2010 World Cup bid, the company once again strike out, in nearly 40 companies involved in the fierce bidding battle, the success of the project took away the tender Five resource advantages.
It is reported that the main subject matter of this round of bidding is the World Cup “tournament before broadcast advertising package,” “live race event advertising packages,” “Set ad matches live after the game”, “ad extra” and “penalty Ad Wars “and other five. Clothing, cars, beer, internet, etc., in running the World Cup advertising resources in particular.
Benefit prior to 2002 and 2006 World Cup made two good communication effect, the Rimula men is extraordinary your opinion, one stroke at this World Cup advertising campaign was before the CPC bidding, race, overtime, etc. dominant position of the five ads. Rimula men even into the vice president said: “Ba Jin has always chosen to run high-end event, the brand’s evolution as a node. Since 2002, Rimula running ads during the World Cup, pass out ‘dare to compete with the world’ rhetoric; In 2006, Ba Jin carefully defined than the title on the final CCTV ‘scoring charts with’ program, a ‘leading Chinese jacket to the world’ and firmly establish the brand position. It can be said after every World Cup Rimula dissemination activities , is a distillation of the brand and strengthen. “
But this, even into the also admitted that after a lapse of four years, with the current state of brand development Rimula, Rimula for brand communications during the World Cup would not expect too much, and now Rimula has been expanding beyond the single point propaganda, but rather sports resource is divided into long-term continuity of resources and short-term focus resources distinguish between two categories, the strategy has been a “2 in 1”, “a man in the World Cup festival, we hope more can extend the brand has appeal, delivered 30 years focusing jacket brand spirit. SABUNG AYAM