Jinan, China Held The U.s. “city Home” Theme Photography Competition – Jinan States United

Home Network News HC : With the improvement of people’s lives, photography business also will continue to develop. Since

Digital Photo spread, more and more popular and photography enthusiasts have picked up a camera to record their own lives and from the record into a memorial, from hobby to start writing. People began to everything and everyone, beauty and memory using the camera for our future.

Order to arouse the enthusiasm of the creative photographers to improve the level of the photographer photography, photography enthusiasts to enhance communication between the province, from Jinan

GOME Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., American Professional Photographers Association (PPA) China Region Committee co-sponsored “urban home” theme photo competition on April 17, 2010, had begun. As the theme song for the Expo, as written, BetterCity! BetterLife! City make life more exciting. Let us use the camera to discover the city’s charm, elegance of the city, the city’s changes, with a camera to record the wonderful city life!

Jinan States United States Appliances for better Service To customers in a comprehensive upgrade of all hardware stores, the establishment of a photography club, not only in the rich products, preferential price, service and work hard, but from a consumer’s point of view, not just the product

Sell To consumers, while the largest with the International Region of China Photographers Association PPA to cooperate, to help friends who love photography, photography in their career and life to achieve greater success and commercial value of art, photography industry in China efforts, it will be business state changes, Jinan States United States would move to the more specialized stores.

Call scope and time: all reflect the urban construction, landscape, environmental protection, social life, etc. Entries can be either all the entries subject, content, Xingshibuxian. Deadline for submissions: May 26, 2010.

Prizes: Grand Prize: 1; issue: SLR camera and a certificate
Gold: 2; issue: the value of 2,000 yuan a digital camera and certificate
Silver: four; issued: the value of 1,000 yuan, a digital camera and certificate
Bronze: 12; presented: PPA photographer classic albums, 8G data card and certificate
Creative Awards: 20; presented: digital clean suit and a certificate
Excellence Awards: 30; presented: PPA souvenirs and certificates
Winners receive prizes
addition, the priority to apply for membership in PPA, PPA also can recommend to participate in seminars organized by the Session photographic subject. Access to Grand Prize and Gold Medal awards PPA participants also get the value of 1,000 yuan in China to provide international photographers VIP VIP training course, and exchange with international photographer Zero chance. And can participate in organized by the China International Photography PPA classic Appreciation Council, will be PPA Certified Instructor and friends enjoyed an international photographic film masters and to share learning. Friends of the U.S. film scene of the country club members with membership cards can receive “Image Asia – Qilu International Photography Week” show VIP tickets (with limited club membership card to receive a registration). The award-winning club members, works to the big screen in the mall loop through the show, and priority be produced by the organizers winning album 1! SABUNG AYAM