Jinjiang East Asian Sports Shoe Market To South Korea

Following the US-gram, clear the United States, flying grams of the three companies have listed, the recent industry has heard of a shoe company, Jinjiang listed on the Korea Stock Exchange news: listed companies called the “East Asian sports,” the total number of issued shares share capital 41%, raising a total of 283 million yuan.

According to rumors, “the Asian sports,” behind “is the Lord” is the quality of Jinjiang shoes begging, but the reporter on this message to seek confirmation from the quality, the company denied the relevant personnel. The company’s chairman recently dialed phone, claiming to be assistant general manager of the terminal to the reporter denied the news of its listing to go to Korea, but only acknowledged the listing plan, but would not disclose the relevant information.

Filed Korea Stock Exchange, now the business community has been no stranger to Quanzhou. Last year, sports brand Quanzhou Super Star Vodenka brand owners?? Chinese star International is listed on the Korea Stock Exchange, financing the amount of 40,666,300 U.S. dollars. But even for some time, there have been spring enterprises in Fujian background Huafeng Textile International Group Limited, China United Technology Holdings Co., Ltd., 3 railcar successfully listed companies in Korea.

It is reported that since 2007, Jinjiang listed companies from rapidly developing at that time 5 to 23 now, and established a total of 78 companies, including back-up repository. At present, domestic and international securities listed on the 23 successful private enterprises in Jinjiang, total raised funds equivalent to 14.036 billion yuan, the total market value of nearly 120 billion yuan, after the city in the county, Jiangyin, Jiangsu ranked second. At present, enterprises in Jinjiang rolling back on the market management, enterprise backup reporting Quanzhou listed 8 key, new back-up enterprises listed Jinjiang level 22, the cumulative increase to 78. In addition to the United States grams, clear the United States, flying grams have been on the market, XINHUA, excellent blue hair, shoes, etc. 3 Beverly Enterprises is expected to be listed in the first half, Jordan, Del Hui, Industrial leather, leather profits, the Pacific shoes, Thailand and Asia is expected to shoe the second half of the 6 companies listed. Among them, XINHUA HKEx has been made to submit application materials; del Hui, Jordan and other six companies have reported to the provincial authorities guidance for the record. In addition, there are more than 30 companies and brokerage contracts, entered into the listing process.

Not too high a number of well-known overseas listing choice for SMEs, is becoming a new phenomenon in the business community in Quanzhou. In this regard, expert analysis pointed out that although some of the overseas markets in the mainstream market, but because of its low threshold, efficient, and controllable costs, Quanzhou or private enterprises can better be listed. Currently, Malaysia, Korea, Australia, Germany and other non-mainstream market, being some of the concerns of SMEs. Experts believe that the listing of enterprises which choose to only make a subjective choice based on objective conditions, no better, the key is to look at the purpose of business listing. SABUNG AYAM