Jobs In Broadcast

It has been a very interesting and exciting year of opportunity and change within the TV broadcast industry. The press has been filled with news of major corporate restructures, including the recent acquisition of Virgin media TV (now known as Living TV) by SKY as well as the sale of five. These corporate changes, together with the restructuring of new departments and teams, and an increase in automation, have had a major impact on the types of job descriptions we have been receiving this year.

This has had a major impact on the nature of jobs we have been working on. This year we have seen an increase in fixed term contracts offered, as opposed to permanent job offers. This offers companies a way to cover skills shortages on the short and medium term. Contracting can offer applicants the chance to build on new and existing expertise as well as offer exposure to new projects. Our advice to candidates who are not sure about contracting, is to consider seriously the opportunities contracting can offer, as you could learn or build on some invaluable skills which will make your application for permanent work more marketable. In addition you might enjoy the freedom of contracting. We have many happy candidates who have found work through us on a contract basis for a period of several years.

We have also witnessed an increase in senior level roles. Last year many Management positions were cut due to restructure and downsizing. This year, however, many new positions have been created. The increase in confidence in the economy generally, and the emergence of new departments and company makeup means that management/ senior candidates are in demand for their business, strategic and man management expertise

Jobs in production and compliance have also changed with an increase in demand for skilled people with final Cut editing skills. Whereas previously jobs in production may have focused solely on creative skills, nowadays more and more demand is placed on additional final cut editing skills. An increase in automation is putting pressure on production and even compliance specialists to be able to process changes. Our advice to prospective applicants is to maximise their ability to find work by seeking out some of these final cut editing skills, if you havent done so already. SABUNG AYAM