Jobs In Journalism

Work is worship, is a common quote used, which motivates every human being to wake up in the morning, go to office and give his best at work.
Financial aspects and the money earned through job is also one of the most important factors, which drive an employee to his office. Job in every field needs to be performed with full perfection and accuracy. Whether at a senior level or at the junior most level, the employees are required to give their best in each and every task they perform. This is not only for the companys growth, but for their own growth as well. The future growth of the employees is totally dependent on the output and the benefits company gain from his work. Though the result of every job, in one way or the other affects the common masses, but there are few job fields, which has direct communication and hence connection with the man on the road. One of such job fields is Journalism Jobs.
The first and the most important duty and the priority of a journalist is to be responsible. He needs to make sure that each and every piece of news he is delivering to his audience is accurate and factual. There are a number of jobs in India, in the field of journalism, which provides opportunity to candidates to pursue their career in the field they want. To implement this, the number of media agencies, newspaper organisations and news channels, are growing day by day. The selection of the candidates for the job of a journalist is done on various grounds. Few of which are mentioned below:
7.)The candidate should have excellent communication skills. He should not only be able to communicate, but also express his view point in an explanatory fashion in front of his target audience.
8.)For the job of a journalist, the person should have good knowledge about current affairs. The candidate should keep himself updated about things happening in and around his surroundings and important events happening across the globe.
9.)The candidate should also have good analysing power and a positive approach to look at things. He should be able to decide and take decisions fast.
10.)Journalists hold the power of pen, they have influence over millions of people, and therefore they need to use their power at the right place and in the right way. They should communicate things to the masses at the right time and with an unbiased perspective.
11.)To perform his job at the best, the journalist should be having the efficiency to look out for hidden things and dig out the unheard and unknown information. For this, he needs to make very good relations with people and should have a wide social circle.
12.)The candidates should be comfortable working even at odd hours of the day. A journalist is required to report all the things to the masses, inspite of the timings they occur at.
Other than keeping the above mentioned points in mind, the candidates should have the ability to gather information and present it in a proper fashion. Few of the agencies in India, where a person can find a good job as a journalist, are:
10)Times group
11)Press Trust of India
12)Indo-Asian News Service
13)Hindustan Times
14)Express Group
16)United News of India
17)Aaj tak
There are many other regional newspapers, where one can apply and get a job as a journalist. Online trend of gathering and gaining information has also lead to the advent of online news portals. The number of job opportunities has increased due to this, which makes it easy for a willing candidate to suit himself with the right kind of job in journalism in the beat of his respective interest.