Joe Jonas – Does This Teen Sensation Have Lasting Power?

Disney Channel has been a great launching pad for scores of young stars who have gone on from being teenyboppers to huge sensations. Many, like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake have gone on to become superstars with huge solo careers and legions of fans. The latest crop of stars from Disney seems all set to make big careers of their own that will keep growing along with their fans. This includes the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. They have both had enormously successful careers that include television programs as well as music albums. Joe Jonas is one of the brothers who comprise the Jonas Brothers group that includes his brothers Nick and Kevin.

The Jonas Brothers have been experimenting with solo careers whilst still remaining together as a band. Nick Jonas, the youngest, was the first to release a solo album. After that it was the turn of the oldest brother who had the lowest profile, Kevin Jonas.

The latest news has been about a Joe Jonas solo career. He has made it very clear to his fans that this is something that is very important to his development as a musician and that it will not in any way affect his commitment to the Jonas Brothers band. He is still working on his album and his many fans are without doubt waiting for it to hit the shelves. He is trying his hand at writing songs that will best express his personality and musical style.

In addition to this, Joe Jonas is also looking to further his acting career so that he is known for more than the squeaky clean Disney series he acts in along with his brothers. He is eager to try out a variety of roles as soon as he is released from his contract with Disney. Joe Jonas is already visible in other appearances on television such as being a guest judge on American Idol and starring in a music video.

The Jonas Brothers have always been very popular with their female fans and their parents due to their wholesome image. After the marriage of Kevin, the focus of all this attention has been on Joe Jonas. He has not been too slow in getting the attention of the paparazzi because of his many high profile romantic relationships with other actors and singers and the subsequent break ups.

Joe Jonas is trying to make a move from the teenybopper music that made him a sensation that he is. He is looking for a more adult image as he grows and he has to be very careful while making the cross over. It remains to be seen whether he will be able to make an easy transition to adulthood and to get his fans interested in a Joe Jonas solo album. There is no reason for him not to succeed in any field he has chosen considering that he already has lots of talent and a fan following and he is not afraid to work hard.
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