John Hardy Bracelets – Exactly How Much Are John Hardy Bracelets?

John Hardy Bracelets are part of a good tradition in jewelry making that comes from the work of artisans that used to work at the royal courts of Bali. Some of those currently on the team can even trace their ancestry back to the same designers many centuries ago. They pride themselves on intricate and one-of-a-kind artisan inspired designs. John hardy creates a variety of jewelry for men, women, and children from a variety of different designers that work on their team.

Every piece is designed and produced in Bali, starting with a sketch by head designer Guy Bedarida which is then interpreted and carved into gold as well as silver by the team of artisans; each and every piece is also very elegantly designed, there is nothing of the affordability of Judith Ripka bracelets or the grungy style you may find with a designer like Scott Kay bracelets. John Hardy jewelry is very unique, which is why it is certainly extremely desirable with a price tag to match, and though you can buy it in many different places you should still expect to pay a pretty penny to have most of these pieces compared to more department store like brands just like David Yurman bracelets.

The initial thing to do is to check around at different places where you can find John Hardy Jewelry, not everyone may make the trip to Bali to buy from the designer directly, but they conveniently have many different stores that they deal with so you can still buy their lovely work. For instance if you still want to buy direct you can head straight to their website and browse from the comfort of your own home with free shipping included on every orders. They do however have a store locator for finding a local store in one of their 31 different countries, but if you don’t live in a major metropolis you could be out of luck. They do also have partnerships with some larger upmarket department stores so you could look in the jewelry department of Neiman Marcus bracelets selection and check if they have any in stock as well.

The most inexpensive bracelets that you can find from John Hardy fall into the Naga collection. These are just a small part metal and gemstone and begin around $ 195. The design of such bracelets is most simple and appears somewhat like an engagement ring which has been tied into a cord and knotted into a bracelet with an adaptable cord. The classic chain collection also bears some that run around $ 195 and they are likewise made of mainly cord with some metallic accents. The designer details these as round beads on Black Mokuba cord. Mokuba is a waxed cotton cord which has a similar feel and also look to leather but is inexpensive to produce and vegan friendly. These are the inexpensive end of the jewelry line simply because they are composed of the cheapest materials and you shouldn’t expect to find something like a John Hardy cuff bracelet at this value unless it is used or perhaps damaged.

On the other end of the spectrum lots of the John Hardy jewel encrusted precious metal pieces will run you a few thousand dollars based upon the materials utilized. The Naga dragon head bracelet encrusted with black sapphires for example won’t come with a price tag of less than about $ 4500 no matter where you shop. The piece is heavy and beautiful but it is certainly not to everyone’s tastes. On the other hand the solid gold triple coil cuff bracelet costs around $ 6200.
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