Johnson & Johnson Employee Exposure Insider: “no Tears Formula” Is A Hype – Johnson

Johnson The “Toxic” incident with the relevant departments of the test results have not ended with: Beijing, Chengdu, Xiamen and other places, parents will commence litigation Johnson; March 27, an article entitled “Johnson’s toxic?? Conscience staff from violence Johnson insider “post attracted a concern … … Johnson,” toxic “incident much worse. Recently, a reporter broke the news industry Youxiang, Johnson & Johnson has long advocated the “moderate”, “No Tears Formula” is in fact a kind of speculation does not involve any technical content.

“No Tears Formula” is a hype?
Chen is engaged in the cosmetics industry in production, he has been advertised on Johnson’s “moderate” and “No Tears Formula,” expressed doubts, saying that in fact is a kind of speculation. He said the mild, non-cosmetics should stimulate a baby’s basic product requirements, market products for infants and young children must be related to detection proved to be moderate, no stimulus to market, these words are not Johnson & Johnson to the brand do. “Johnson & Johnson selling well are marked with a series of tear-free formula, this is actually tamper with the concept, but to no stimulation, not a high-tech stuff.”

This, press the confirmation to the experts. Familiar with relevant laws and regulations and technology industry veteran experts DU Da pointed out that the “moderate”, “no stimulus” is really the most basic requirements of infants and young children cosmetics to promote “moderate”, “no stimulus” and other words not in breach of cosmetic labeling requirements, but as should have the relevant test report or test data support; No test report or test data can not be the publicity, or misleading the suspect. “Of course, since there is no clearly defined, the problem is not hard to say.” And he believes that “no tears formula” probably means “no stimulus” is purely speculation, fraudulent. In addition, he also noted that infants and young children cosmetics to be moderate, no stimulus will not have too much technical difficulty, the main raw materials of choice and to consider the composition formula.

It is understood that, “Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics” (2007 edition) on infants and young children have special requirements, such as compared with ordinary cosmetics, baby and children shall not be greater than the total number of colonies with cosmetics 500CFU/mL or 500CFU / g; while production conditions are provided, baby and child skin care cosmetics with the semi-finished products in storage, filling, the clean storage containers should reach 300 000 rooms clean requirements.

Johnson sales still dismal Self-health “toxic” incident occurred, Sina has been doing an “about whether you trust brands such as Johnson & Johnson baby bath products,” the survey has more than more than 140,000 users to vote, of which over half of users directly said “no confidence”; in the same period the “you will continue to buy brands such as Johnson & Johnson baby bath products,” the survey, more than friends, said Liu Cheng, “not.”

According to Guangzhou’s major supermarkets understand that although no supermarkets Johnson products to the shelves, but sales of its products declined. Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson products next to the paste with the safety of the two statements, but their shelves before the door is still poor. Johnson, a large supermarket baby peach shower gel is engaged in markdowns, while reporters for half an hour in the container before the observation, no one to buy. 1 store personnel told reporters, before Johnson’s baby bath products have been popular with young ladies, but Johnson & Johnson after the release of toxic-related news, and almost nobody cares.

In addition, Johnson is also toxic to many parents door incident of baby products on the market questioned, then the angle from the experts how to choose baby cosmetics do? DU Da pointed out that infants and young children cosmetics consumer choice is to select the first infant-specific cosmetics. “I personally believe that infants can use a number of infants and young children in addition to shower gel, shampoo, talcum powder (the amount should not be too much) apart, or less, especially some claim that all functional as far as possible away from the cosmetics. Infant abnormal skin care treatment as a doctor. ” SABUNG AYAM