Join the Microblogging Bandwagon With Satellite Internet

The face of media has changed dramatically. Nowadays, with newspapers withering away and whole editorial sections being jettisoned, people are turning to the net to get their day’s worth of news and information. The architecture of information has become much more varied. Instead of flicking through the online newspapers, people simply amble on down to their favorite blogs. They check out their social networks and read Twitter tweets. The news has become more democratic, too. Throngs of citizen reporters are plugging in and typing out dispatches from remote jungle locations and from apartments in the Bronx. It’s a whole different world out there.

The traditional media outlets have proven too slow. Radio and television and newspapers can’t parallel the lighting quick speeds of blogs and online news outlets. Light communications, or microblogging has even widened the gap. Services like Twitter have revolutionized how news and information is sent and consumed.

Twitter is recent phenomenon that has sky rocketed to popularity. It asks you one question, ‘what are you doing?’ A lot of people use it to post mundane details about their lives, like what they ate for breakfast or where they went out last night. You see, the beauty of Twitter especially for this quick paced day and age, is that there’s a 140 character limit. So each tweet or post rests in those confines. You get simple tidbits of information. Recently, however, Twitter has taken on other uses. People use it to get the scoop. They use it to post news. In fact, Twitter is becoming the source for breaking news. If there’s a protest in Iran or a bomb in Pakistan, you’ll hear about it from the source on Twitter first.

So what do you need to get in on this microblogging revolution? All you need is a high speed satellite internet connection-with satellite internet you can really take your microblogging on the go, wherever you are in this world-a computer or laptop, and a microblogging account. Twitter is arguably the most popular service out there today. Signing up is free. You can post your tweets from within Twitter itself, or for those who are really into it, there are desktop apps that you can download so you can post tweets without being signed in to Twitter. There are also apps you can download for your iPhone or Blackberry or other cellular device. These make it incredibly easy to post your thoughts or news on the go. Of course, a high speed DSL or satellite internet connection will make things a lot easier.

There are other light blogging applications out there as well. Tumblr, for instance is basically a hybrid of a blog and instant messaging or Twitter. It’s a short form blog. Posts aren’t as lengthy as those you’d find on Blogger blogs or WordPress blogs.