Jornalism jobs the power of the pen that can change the world

A career in media is full of excitement and fit for those who love challenges in life. The power and the glamour associated with the field is attracting the youth in its fold. Realising the importance of the mightier pen, investment is also surging in the field. National as well as vernacular press have grown manifolds and thriving on the increased sums pouring in. Today journalism jobs are the most sought after and the field has lot of openings both in the print and the electronic sectors.


The options for freshers as well as experienced people in the print media are immense with lot of newspapers, magazines and periodicals in the market. Jobs in the print media can be field or desk jobs. Field jobs include reporting, photography and feature writing while desk job includes sub-editor, copy editor, proofreaders or illustrators. One can chose either of the two according to interest and capability. The choice to work as freelancers or on a part time basis is also possible in the field of media.


Electronic media also has career opportunities for individuals. With so many TV channels coming up at the national and regional level, trained professionals are in demand everywhere. Like the print media, electronic media too has desk and field jobs. This medium has an equally satisfactory creative and technical aspect with jobs for graphic designers and technicians. News anchor, the face of the channel is a very lucrative career option nowadays.


Radio is another field that has gained popularity. However, there are limited opportunities in radio journalism as there are more entertainment radio stations than news stations. News websites are the latest addition in the electronic media. With the growing reach of the internet spanning across boundaries, the prospects in this field are also increasing. Content writers, correspondents and reporters are in great demand as far as web journalism is concerned.


News agencies also provide immense career opportunities for those seeking journalism jobs and operate both in the print as well as electronic media. The agencies have the same set-up like a newspaper or a television channel with changes as far as printing and broadcasting is concerned. The main work of news agencies is to supply news to newspapers and television channels from the international sphere or remote areas where the cost to set-up a bureau or deploy manpower is quite high.


A media professional especially a journalist should have certain qualities like flair for writing, good command over language and knowledge of current affairs. A pleasing personality with physical fitness and the ability to work at odd hours are also required in this field. A graduate or post graduate degree/diploma in Journalism jobs and Mass Communication is offered by many universities across India for those interested in pursuing a career in the field of journalism. A nose for news and a professional degree can surely lead to a rewarding career in media.