Jump Higher in 3 Steps

If you’re an athlete you most likely want to be the best at what you do. No matter what sport you play, you wan to make sure that you’re bigger, stronger, and faster, which requires serious work. While some athletes try to focus on a broader range of skills, some players need to focus on very specific things in order to get the most out of their skills. For instance, basketball players that are in the post need to work on their vertical leap so that they can block, dunk, and rebound better. It’s not just basketball either, it’s soccer players, water polo players and even football players that need to exercise greatly to make sure that they can jump higher and be the best. If you’ve been wondering how to get through the doldrums of your steady workouts, consider the following game changers that will help you reach for the skies.

Get A Program – There are a lot of athletes that are not necessarily Michael Jordan, but have a great deal of knowledge as to how he got from the free throw line to the iconic dunk that is the staple of all the merchandise you see his silhouette on. The thing that you have to remember is that there are programs out there that can outline exactly what to do, how to do it, and where you might make mistakes. It’s in those programs that you’ll find your footing and launch from the floor to the rim with relative ease.

Train, Train, Train – The second step is going to sound bad for some and right on target for others. You have to train hard, and you have to do it everyday of your life if you’re going to see progress. This means that when your body doesn’t want to go to the gym, doesn’t want to lift, you still manage to get in the training. Mix things up between cardiovascular routines, weightlifting, yoga, and more. Do not allow yourself to grow weary, hit the training hard, follow the pogrom you select and you will get results in the end.

Get A Friend To Help – The last step that you need to fully realize your potential; you need to get a friend to help you out. They might be a team member, or someone that is looking to get into shape, but you will need a partner. They will be there to spot you in training, they will be there to anchor you when you need to pull certain moves and cut through courts, and beyond. Fill them in on the program that you’re working on, get into working out with two people and have them help you achieve your goals. You will need them every step of the way, instead of going solo.

The above 3 steps are going to help you jump higher in no time. The key to all of these steps is to make sure that you’re consistent. Do not give up after you’ve achieved your goals, keep training, keep moving forward even if you get your elevation. Keeping it once you’ve achieved it is going to be the answer to a lengthy career.
Sabung Ayam
The Expendables – Unified HIghway, Ethan Tucker

The Expendables

The Expendables enjoyed a laid-back lifestyle growing up in Santa Cruz, CA; surfing, skating, partying, and playing music were commonplace. Since 1997, The Expendables have staked their claim in the California surf/rock genre by headlining venues from coast to coast. Blending Reggae, Punk Rock, and 80s style dueling guitar solos, The Expendables have made heads turn and floors shake for years.

The band consists of four longtime friends: Geoff Weers (Guitar and Vocals), Adam Patterson (Drums and Vocals), Raul Bianchi (Lead Guitar) and Ryan DeMars (Bass).

The first seven years of their career was fueled with three full-length, completely independent releases. No Time To Worry (2000), Open Container (2001), and Gettin’ Filthy (2004), would bring in a combined total of over 40,000 units sold with no physical distribution and no record label.