Kang, “preventive Medicine” Concept Was Born Of Japanese Products – Yunnan Hong Kang,

China Olympics Years Day of Industry First Sound Ray: Dian Hong Kang “Five Anti” series of costumes available

Olympics, the whole nation is jubilant, because the state-owned wedding. January 8, 2008, Dian Hong Pharmaceutical Group meeting in the new release of the order listed on the news of the trade shock: My first “preventive medicine” concept products?? Yunnan and Hong Kang, “Anti-5” series shampoo milk grand public!

Yunnan Pharmaceutical Group General Manager Hong Guo Zhenyu
Back in 2006 the World Self-Medication Industry Association annual meeting, Dian Hong Pharmaceutical Group CEO Dr. Guo Zhenyu told the international community to “medical treatment to preventive medicine by the change in” philosophy and trends. Dr. Guo Zhenyu this idea back to China, Yunnan Hong medicine taken. Dian Hong Kang 5 anti-Series is the “Self-Medication Industry Association, the world” and “preventive medicine” concept used in daily chemical products, research and development, will Pharmacy Strong business advantage on its head.

Hong Yunnan Pharmaceutical Group as the second strong pharmaceutical industry in Yunnan is China’s leading manufacturer of skin external use. After 14 years of development, always adhering to the “attention to health, the benefit of mankind” business purposes, persistent practice “to create a strong National Brand “The lofty ambitions, relying on the advantages of high-quality products and good corporate culture accumulation, established” to drugs as the center, cosmetic and Health Products For the two wings “of the industrial development strategy, based on a solid foundation and the main pharmaceutical industry, give full play to R & D, manufacturing and marketing strengths, will Yunnan Hong medicine pharmacy Technology The area extending to Sun in 2006, entered the day, and with a strong brand impact and product advantages, creating a year on the billions of dollars of sales a marketing miracle. In 2007, Dian Hong medicine for the market to further adjust and intensive, and the brand’s “creative” brand “brand protection” Project , Brand influence rising, Dian Hong medicine, “Kang” brand was awarded following the “China Famous Brand” of respect, the more Ranking “Top 500 Brands in Asia.” In 2008, Yunnan and Hong Kang 5, series Shampoo grand anti-market, to further enhance the brand value is a significant measure is Dian Hong medicine “Two Wings” industrial strategy of re-sublimation. In the new promotion of the meeting, Yunnan Hong Kang 5, the introduction of anti-series, to be immediately won the praise of business. Dian Hong Kang 5 series is born the attitude against not only to the date of Yunnan Rainbow Pharmaceutical marketing hot market of 2008 to add a splendid touch, the first instance of it is like spring thunder, in the beginning of the Olympic Games give people with to the spring surprise.

“Dian Hong Kang,” Anti-five series will promote market Shampoo SABUNG AYAM