Kapiti Island New Zealand ? A Lost Heaven

It is here that you can come and blend in the Mother Nature, become a part of it, marvel at its freshness, amaze at its novelty and wonder at its purity so spot less almost like a lost piece of heaven on earth. One such matchless location that invites you to its majestic enigma is the “Kapiti Island”.


Kapiti Island is famous for its surreal locations and un-spoilt landscapes. To date this purest piece of Island remains the most protected of public Islands on the face of earth. As a “Nature Reserve” it is an area set aside from Human influence to protect the native plants and animals. For the reason, today the sheer abundance and diversity of birdlife an unimaginable lushness speaks for the decades of careful management, flawless planning and unquestionable hard work. The secrets behind this most pure Island are many, such as limiting human influence, eradicating around 16 species of introduced animals like rats, shoats, cats and possums making it a total “pest and predator free” zone. Its over a 100 years that the Kapiti Island is managed explicitly as an Internationally renowned sanctuary under the Government of New Zealand.


Kapiti Island is located in the southwest / north east and about 8km / around 5 miles off the west coast, New Zealand. The country is open to flights with all top and low cost airlines flying from Europe and UK to the capital Wellington or Auckland New Zealand. Cheap flights to New Zealand are available mostly for early reservation and the internal network of rails, roads and ferries gives the country a perfect transport system making access to the remotest Islands as easy as going home.


The Kapiti Island was lifted by the earth quake, eroded by the climate giving a highest point above 521m above sea level at the Tuteremoana. The Island is about 2 kilometers wide in total, about rectangular in shape with an area of 7.6 square miles of exceptional wild life and rarest birds.


The activities at the Kapiti Island include a rare forest experience, guided nature walks through the lush forest, thin tracks, steep mountains, exquisite landscapes, lagoon and costal region. Also, the elements of Maori culture, the earliest residents on this deserted Island, conservation education, storytelling, family hospitality and mouth watering cuisines make this experience worthwhile. Also the Kapiti Island is home to the largest population of little spotted kiwi and many other endangered species of native birds.


Introductory talks are given to all visitors for basic information on entry, safety, and flora and fauna of the Island. Guided tours leave for two locations, Rangatira that is host to the highest point of the Island and North End, the top of the Island close to the coast. Forest birds, such as Tui, Bellbird, Weka, Kaka, Kereru, Saddleback, Hihi and Takahe are common at the Rangatira region. In the “North End”, Scaup, Grey Teal, Black Swans, Royal Spoonbills, Brown Teal, various Shag and Gull species, White-fronted Terns, variable Oystercatchers and Reef Heronare are often seen on the lagoon and along the coastal region.


For safety one should keep to the tracks, leave the belongings (tightly closed) at the shelter, be ready to leave the Island at the given departure time as the weather may change at sudden, also the tracks can be slippery if wet. Shelters and Toilets are available at the Island, please ask your guide for the locations. The Island is accessible to both overnight and day visitors. For a flawless travel, plan your journey ahead, keep the maps with you and book your flights in advance to make max saving on Cheap Flight Fares to New Zealand if flying from London, Manchester, Birmingham or Dublin.