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HC Home Network News : March 26, small household electrical appliances in China in Zhongshan Huangpu Fair International Exhibition Centre, It is understood that the current Chinese small home appliance trade fair exhibitors reached 436, the scene over two thousand registered buyers who are expected to present China’s small household electrical appliances Fair will be far ahead of the flow of people two. The following is the content of the scene interview text shorthand

Reporter: Members Home Appliances Industry friends, Hello, everybody! Welcome to the third
China’s small household electrical appliances Fair
Live on site, the Fair is the home network by the HC, Sohu, China State Grid, People United Network broadcast. Sitting next to me is Electric Co., Ltd.

Marketing Director Mr. Zhang Quanwen, here we are with you and is always talk about the feelings of his current exhibition. General Zhang, Hello, you did not attend such a prior

Appliance World Expo , If the appliance than the previous show and what not the same place?

Zhangquan Wen: I would like to thank first of all about
HC Network Like this show more than our participation, such as Canton Fair, Expo, Expo appliances, consumer electronics show in Hong Kong, we have to participate. It should be said to participate in this exhibition, the first enterprise location, as we mainly through the platform of our products to the domestic Katia, to the world. Through several of the exhibitors, basically meeting the requirements of our expectations and the effect of, thank you.

Reporter: What are your main products company, for what is the purpose of this event, and now look at your company’s products distributor’s approval of how like?

Zhangquan Wen: We are mainly two products are the main one is the summer
Fan Series, a series of heating in winter, these two are our core products. Fans we are mainly in the

Air conditioning Done a lot of fans in the field of products, convection heating machine, we also did a lot of breakthroughs. And each time the show will let our dealers to see the development of our business, also to make our products in the industry which has a new breakthrough, a breakthrough to bring the product to our company, our products are recognized to drive our market

Sell . Reporter: It should be for low-carbon economy is the focus of your company in product development have not done for low-carbon measures?

Zhang Quanwen: the needs of our departure from the common people, at this point we can highlight what we have air conditioning on a breakthrough, its low power consumption, and the second is a row of heat, we have a zero heat. So, at this point, we focus on the development in the field, you can also enjoy a comfortable environment.

Reporter: In the process of selection of dealers on the dealer you have what standards?
Zhang Quanwen: in this one dealer, it should be said that we have made a great adjustment, the first one, we do have to let the dealer have the brand awareness of the brand. The second is knowledge of products, and the third is the understanding of our business. Therefore, we require dealers to sync with us. As a distributor, they can develop, they can generate sales, as our enterprises, have developed.

Reporter: For 2010, Katia What planning?
Zhangquan Wen: I just said we are mainly two products, we positioned the industry to do the best. Our plan is to Katia in 2010 the market share of the breakthrough.

Reporter: Thank you, General Zhang, due to the time of our interview with General Zhang temporarily come to an end, I hope the majority of users continue to pay attention to our live, thank you. SABUNG AYAM