Keep pace with the recovery using Germany parcel delivery services

Germany has recently proudly announced that the country has emerged from recession, and that its economy is once again gathering pace. For the European country with the largest number of non-native residents, this is great news, as it presents the prospect of them being able to send and receive more parcels between themselves and family and friends back in their native lands.

More than 10million of Germany’s total population of 81million – close to one in eight – have settled in Germany from another country, and as a result, they now make a vital contribution to its economy. They have spread far and wide across the country, from Schleswig-Holstein to Baden-Wurttemburg, but outside of the capital, Berlin, the most densely populated area is the country’s industrial heartland, of Nord Rhein-Westphalia, which is home to 18million residents.

This is where much of the industry which is responsible for producing nearly 30 per cent of the country’s total output is to be found. Germany’s reputation for making vehicles is known around the world, but it now also uses that industrial capacity to make more wind turbines and solar panels that anywhere else too. Other well-known brands which originated in Germany include Adidas, Nivea, Siemens and E.ON.

Germany is characterised in many parts of the world by its efficiency, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its transport system. Air travel is extensively used, with Frankfurt international airport considered a major northern European hub, from where flights operate to worldwide destinations.

It has also followed France in developing a high-speed railway network. The ICE (Inter-City Express) trains operated by the state-owned rail company, Deutsche Bahn, link every major city, travelling at speeds of between 100 and 185mph. Deutsche Bahn also has a dedicated freight division, Schenker AG, which besides rail freight, also operates air and sea cargo services. DB Schenker has business divisions stretching across mainland Europe and into the UK, where it also owns our largest freight train operator.

As with the movement of cargo, the movement of parcels and post in Germany is also largely in the hands of one company, in this case Deutsche Post. Operating around the world under the DHL brand, this is now a familiar name in the parcel delivery sector, boasting massive resources. It does not, however, enjoy a monopoly on delivery services to Germany, and has intense rivalries with American operators FedEx and UPS. This is great news for anyone needing to send a parcel to Germany, however, as the competition means that prices are highly competitive.

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