Keep The Facial Skin To Prevent Breakouts

You have spent your entire life listening to people tell you that you need to wash your face. If you are anything like the rest of us, washing your face is not the most enjoyable activity and making time to do it every day feels like a hassle. Taking the time to wash your face before going to bed is a chore–even if the memories of fighting acne all through puberty are still fresh. Here’s the skinny: to keep your skin clear and your pores unclogged, you need to keep your face clean. Are you prepared to be the only adult you know who still fights acne every day? Read on to learn a few tricks to help you keep your face clean and keep the acne away!

Are you getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need? You might not know this yet, but not eating a balanced diet can cause some people to break out. For some, acne is a warning sign that they need to change their diets and fast. The easiest way to deal with this is to take a multi-vitamin every day. Fixing your acne might not be as easy as taking your vitamins, but doing so could help you regain your health. When you aren’t properly nutritioned, your body will start to produce extra sebum which then clogs your pores and causes zits and pimples to appear (and makes it easier to get sick). This type of acne is easily beaten by eating a healthy diet and taking your vitamins every day. Ask a dermatologist for help. There are some adults out there whose acne is so bad they need to seek professional help to get it under control. If you have tried all of the over counter products that you can find and are still battling heavy acne, you should make an appointment with a skin care professional. A dermatologist will be able to give you prescription strength acne fighting products. Your doctor or dermatologist might figure out that your acne is a medical condition and not simply a case of clogged pores. You might be surprised to find out that genetics and other health conditions can come into play and cause acne issues. A skin care professional will be able to properly diagnose your acne and breakouts and will be able to give you directions on how to cure them.

The sun is not your friend so protect your skin against it! Smearing heavy sunscreen on your skin probably seems like a bad idea, especially for people who do not want to clog their pores. Choosing an oil free sunscreen is the way to combat this.

The days of the heavy, smelly and gloppy sunscreen lotions are over. Now you can choose between sunscreens that are light and can be sprayed on instead of rubbed in. Even better, many facial moisturizers and cosmetic products already contain sunscreen so you don’t have to worry about purchasing more products. Don’t believe it when you hear people say that tanning prevents acne–it only increases your risk for skin cancer!

It is not that hard to fight against acne and keep your skin clean. A twice a day face washing might be all you need. Someone else might need a more invasive facial cleanser. There are also people who choose to fight acne with diet and exercise. Take your time to experiment and figure out what works best for you. Be patient and give something time to work.

Nothing will work overnight so give all of your trials at least a week or two to start working before moving on to something new.

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