Keep your files safe with an external hard drive

We all use computers to an extraordinary degree these days. Whether it is going online to check the latest news, finding out what the weather is going to be tomorrow, downloading music or just sending emails to friends – technology, computers especially, play a major part in our lives.

The nature of the internet has made security a more important issue than ever before. When you go online you are putting your computer at risk. Thankfully there are ways to mitigate that risk and help make sure that your computer and your files are safe and cannot be accessed or tampered with by anyone else. Of internet security software is by no means watertight and that is why security firms update their customers’ software so regularly, to keep on top of hackers. There is always a chance that a third party can gain access to your home computer and personal files and this is why it is very important that before you go onto the internet, you should ensure that any important files are backed up and saved off.

This is where external hard drives can be a Godsend, helping to make sure that even if the worst does happen and your computer gets a virus and has to be wiped, you will not lose the files that are of significance. These could be anything from photographs and music files to work documents, all of which are things that you would not want to be without.

Backing up your files and transferring them to an external hard drive is not a difficult process, far from it. Thanks to plug and play technology, you will now be able to simply plug in your new hard drive and get going. There are normally no files to install – it’s all automatic, which if you are not 100 per cent confident with using computers makes things so much easier.

A virus or rogue file can end up on your computer at any time and you can be completely oblivious until something goes wrong. Make sure you that you don’t get caught out if the worst happens by backing up all of your important files on an external hard drive. It won’t take long to do and once it’s done you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that everything important is safe and sound.

When you’re shopping for external hard drives or other peripherals such as routers, make sure that you shop with a reputable online retailer.