Keep Your Wife From Becoming Your Ex – 4 Tips

If you’re reading this then take heart – you’re not the only one who wants to keep their wife from becoming their ex. The bad news is 9 times out of 10 the reason why you are reading this is you did something wrong. Guys let’s face it – when it comes to women we haven’t a clue. When it comes to relationships they are Einstein and we are Forrest Gump. But it is still quite possible with the right know how to get back on track to keep your wife from becoming your ex.

Do you know just when you went off track? Do you even know why your spouse is mad at you in the first place? When you are ready to get serious about keeping your wife from become your ex there are 4 tips to get going:

1. You may need to pay more attention to her. Women don’t like it if you’re not paying attention to her. I remember when I was in high school a girl I liked came and watched me and a few friends play baseball. I thought I was being macho by playing the game and playing hard. The problem is I was so busy trying to impress her on the field, I neglected to pay attention to HER! Needless to say the relationship went nowhere. As a matter of fact, I don’t know if she said 10 words to me for the rest of the time I was in school.

2.Women emotionally are different than men. If you truly want to keep your wife from becoming your ex, you have to figure out what she is looking for in terms of emotional support. She needs more than you telling her things, you have to show her. Surprise her with flowers, take her someplace that she really wants to go, especially someplace that she knows you don’t particularly have an interest in.

3. Don’t cheat on her. This shouldn’t even be necessary to say, but statistics say just the opposite. Women have a sixth sense about this. If you cheat on her she’s going to know it. Maybe not today – but soon. Plus, unless you are a callous, unfeeling jerk, (and some of you know who I’m talking to), you will feel terrible also. It is just not worth it.

4. Help out. If you’re living together, pitch in with the housework and help as much as you can to take the stress off of getting things done. Not only will she appreciate it in many ways, you will have more quality time together.

Some of these tips, may involve some changing your habits but not only are you maturing and becoming more responsible, you are showing the world how you feel about the woman with whom you are sharing your life.