Keeping up to Speed with Safety Storage Options

Disposing and storing of a variety of different types of materials in the home and workplace is always a bit of a problem if you don’t have the correct options for safety storage. The good news is that there are several different styles of very low cost, safety approved types of cans, buildings and tanks to store, dispose of or use with a variety of different products.

Safety storage options can include safe dispensing types of bottles and cans for the home or workplace. These specially designed nonmetallic types of bottles come in different sizes from ½ pint to one quart. They are approved for transport of hazardous liquids including hazardous chemicals and because they are nonmetallic there is no concern with corrosive materials or acids. Polyethylene cans are most commonly used with any type of alcohols or corrosive liquids while the general purpose solvents and liquids can be transported in galvanized steel cans. Always check to make sure the specific dispenser you are considering using meets OSHA standards for the liquid or solvent you are handling.

Safety cans, which are designed to hold flammable liquids such as gas, kerosene, oil and diesel, are typically found in the garage or in a work area. These cans should be spill proof and should also have a self-closing type of spout. Most will have only one larger opening that allows both filling and emptying of the can. In addition on the opposite side of the can or sometimes in the lid there is a small automatic vent. This will allow any gases that build up in the can to be vented, preventing the pressure in the can from building to cause a rupture or some type of explosion. The cans also feature a flame arrestor that stops a spark or external ignition source from becoming problematic.

Storing these types of safety cans and even the approved plastic gas or diesel containers in a safety storage cabinet is highly recommended for both work and home applications. Flammable liquids kept in these storage cabinets can be up to 5 gallons or larger in size with different models and styles of cabinets offering different storage capacities. The cabinets themselves are flame resistant and are made of galvanized steel for added protection. If you have children, a locking cabinet can ensure that all flammable or hazardous materials are safely and securely stored away, well out of the children’s reach.

Oily waste cans come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for almost any type of use where oil or oily materials are used. The cans come in different colors and styles with either hand or foot open options available. These cans are also designed with safety in mind since the lids only open a specific amount to avoid any type of possible combustion within the can itself. Their durable galvanized steel is powder-coated to resist staining and it is also prominently labeled to clearly identify the can’s use and safety storage features.

For laboratories, medical facilities and research areas the biohazard waste can is a definite must for safety storage. These cans also come in a huge variety of sizes from the smaller six gallon models to the bigger 14 plus gallons. They may have a bucket style design or they can be more of a garbage can in structure. The larger units usually have a foot lever to open the can. Typically made of polyethylene these cans are clearly marked as biohazard material storage and meet the OSHA requirements for safe storage of designated materials.