Kindle Fire Review ? Beyond eBooks

Kindle Fire – Review of the Hardware and OS

Those familiar with other tablets will find that Amazon’s tailored version of Android Gingerbread OS lends a completely different feel to the Kindle Fire. Reviews from professional critics have been somewhat mixed; with the majority of the dissenters criticizing Amazon’s decision to skin Gingerbread, rather than use the same window-pane setup as everyone else.

However, overall, reviews of the Kindle Fire have been positive. The bookshelf skin is a unique visual aid to organizing your books, albums, and apps; very intuitive, and very appropriate for an ebook-centric tablet. Apps look great and ebooks are extra-crisp on the Kindle Fire’s IPS screen, a feature which many tablet brands charge a premium for.

There’s only 8GB of local storage on the Kindle Fire; reviewers tend to balk about this sometimes. However, Fire users have virtually unlimited cloud storage through Amazon, and can switch media back-and-forth from the cloud anytime they have Wi-Fi access.

Kindle Fire – Review of the Amazon App Store

While it’s visually more similar to Apple’s iTunes than to the Android Market found on most other Android tablets, Amazon’s customized app store is easy to use. The store borrows many design elements from iTunes. Along with the usual app suspects; expect to find tons of ebooks, emagazines, and even graphic novels and comic books; a natural fit for the Kindle Fire’s colorfast IPS screen.

Kindle is all about streaming as well, and Amazon offers a variety of streaming apps and services for TV shows and movies to your Kindle Fire. Reviews from professional critics often make a positive point of the Kindle Fire’s streaming power; perfect for bus rides, hotel stays, and coffee runs.

Kindle Fire – Review it Yourself

We could go on and on about the Kindle Fire; what reviewers are saying, what we’re saying. But ultimately, the best review for the Kindle Fire might be to simply order one from makes finding consumer electronic products really easy – simply go to Electronic Products Page select a few options and click Find – searches online for the best product that meets the criteria you selected and presents them on a search result page. To find out more visit the website at

As of this writing, the Kindle Fire still goes for just under two hundred bucks. Not exactly cheap as dirt, but it might as well be considering that the Kindle Fire’s closest cousin, the Blackberry PlayBook, goes for twice as much.

It’s nearly impossible to find a tablet that does as much as the Kindle Fire – and does it so well – for the money. Amazon is willing to sell the Kindle Fire virtually at-cost in hopes that you’ll buy apps and subscribe to streaming services. That alone almost justifies the price of admission.