Know more about the different types of handbags for women

Have you ever noticed the confidence of women, walking around with their designer handbags? They walk around with them as if they are holding a trophy of femininity! Yes, designer handbags are every woman’s possession. They love to flaunt them in style. It is hard to imagine a woman without a bag as it is an extension of every woman’s personality. Handbags seem to have a congenital significance for most of the women, much beyond their mere utility. There are different types of handbags that are available in the market which ranges from leather wallets for women to designer bags and purses. Here we have discussed some of the popular styles of handbags for women.

Messenger bags

Ladies messenger bags have garnered popularity in recent times because of their practicality and convenience, which tend to appeal to women across all ages. These are basically multipurpose bags that are ideal for carrying cell phone; make up kit, wallets and other small important things. Gone are the days when you had to carry two-three separate bags in order to carry all your important belongings. These chick and stylized ladies messenger bags are the best choice for those of you who look forward to traveling hassle free.


Satchels are generally referred to any variety of bags with a rectangular shape and a flat bottom. These bags are commonly used to carry light or somewhat heavy items. Also recognized as women shoulder bags, satchels come with a long single strap that is diagonally worn over the shoulder. A snap, buckles, straps or a zipper usually functions as a closure of these bags. These women shoulder bags are extremely comfortable as they are not overly large, thereby not very difficult to carry. In addition to this such bags usually have several inside pockets which make it ideal for women to conveniently carry their mobile phones, car keys, makeup kits along with other important items.


Taking about the handbags for women, clutches are the perfect choice for evening bags. These are typically small yet long (rectangular) evening handbags which comes without handles and are perfectly designed for evening parties or any important occasions. However some clutches do come with delicate straps that serve as its handle. Clutch handbags for women thus come in variety of styles with marvellous sparking and glittering finishes.

Tote bags

Tote handbags for women are large, open bags that come with the handles cantered atop each side. The term tote meaning ‘to carry ‘can be traced back to the 17th century, though this term was not used until 1900[2] to describe bags. Tote handbags for women are basically handheld bags which are very spacious. These bags can be used for carrying multiple items such as cosmetics, books, tools, evening beach wear and so on.
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