Know Thyself, Or What Do Your Collaborators or Employees See When They Work With You?

You are certain you are diplomatic, optimistic and the kind of manager or boss anyone can talk to. You only seem to hear bad news at the very last minute and tend to jump to conclusions when there is an issue. Individuals never seem to have time to partner with you or once they have pulled off an event with you are too busy to do another one.

Does that sound like you? Ever ask yourself how easy you really are to work with?

You should ask that question. Not just of your employees but of your peers, your collaborators and customers. You may believe you present yourself in a very positive manner and are easy to work with. If you ask the question you might find the answers very surprising.

I recently walked a client through this process. We talked to her peers, individuals that did contract work for her (like web designers or virtual assistants), friends, business partners and employees. Their responses were confidential and provided surprising information.

She believed she presented herself in a positive and dynamic manner. Some of the subsets of individuals we spoke with see another side to her that makes it harder to collaborate. Through coaching she learned a slightly different way to present and react to information and in no time her relationships were improving!

There is a great gift in knowing how others view you. Sometimes the feedback isn’t easy to hear. Yet, it provides insights that can change our work and social relationships for the better. Many times simply becoming aware of how an action, attitude or tone affects those receiving the information will bring about change. Other things are a bit harder to adjust. Support from a coach makes a tremendous difference when trying to change behavior.

Always be aware of how those around you react to your words and your actions. The information will help you understand if you are being heard and received as you would like to be or if you are the person nobody wants to work with!