Knowing meditation with Meditation Beads

From the ancient time’s people around the world are using malas or to be more precise prayer beads to find inner peace. We all have busy lives and in everyday work, we forget the most important thing in our life that we need, peace. But centuries meditation techniques show that with help of meditation beads and rudraksha beads you can focus easily to find peace and calmness within yourself. Even if you are not that sure about inner peace and all those stuff, you can still wear few malas as styling ornaments. These things are really very trendy. But above all if you are a spiritual person then prayer beads and meditation beads are a must have for you.

History of prayer beads

As mentioned earlier the meditation beads have been existing in this world from centuries and its origin can be traced back to southern parts of Asia. We all know that India is the home of Hinduism, the most ancient religion of this world and from the ancient time’sgreat sadhus and rishis used to meditate with help of meditation beads.But not just Hinduism, prayer beads are used in various other religions around the world in which includes Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism and many others needs mentioning. Although, for meditation,it was first used in India but the beads are supposed to be found as ornaments in Africa first about 10,000 BC ago.

Uses of prayer beads

Just like its name the prayer beads are used for prayer or for meditation. But they also have other benefits and uses. With each meditation seed, you can easily keep track of the prayers that you have done. But the benefit of the beads depends on the seeds. Like rudraksha seeds are believed to repel negative energies. Another popular plant Choerospondiasaxillaris is massivelyused for making prayer beads which are well known for its medicinal values. Apart from all that, if you are a fan of unorthodox style then these malas will definitely catch your eye. If not malas, you can also wear them as bracelets or when you are trying to follow a traditional Indian style there are the things that will help you do it.

Meditating with meditation beads

The sole purpose of having meditation beads is meditation. There are various ways of meditation but doing it with help of meditation beads is a bit different. You star by holding your mala in your right hand and with each mantra you move the beads clockwise. Repeat the process and start focusing on diving into self-realization. But before you star choose a quite nice place where no one will bother you and where you can only be with yourself. There are various types of mantras that you can chant depending on your preference. But if you don’t know any mantras then you can look it up online. All religions have mantras that you can find to recite.But the main thing to do is focus even or without the mantra.
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