Large Chicken Coops: Choosing One That Suits Your Lifestyle

Large chicken coops, according to Wikipedia, are essential to the well-being of chickens. These hearty domiciles are sprinkled throughout the world, particularly in rural areas and countries where farming is a major industry.

Of course, even those living in modern, industrialized areas can benefit from buying or building large chicken coops. In today’s fragile economy, many people find themselves struggling to afford food, let alone the cost of living. This is why many are opting to raise chickens for food.

Chickens can be raised for both meat as well as eggs. In the long run, this can save you a lot of money and provide an ongoing food supply. With that in mind, large chicken coops are a great asset for anyone, including farmers and private individuals. The larger your coop is the more comfortable living conditions will be for your chickens.

This creates a viable environment to raise healthy chickens that will grow and thrive. Generally, you can fit large numbers of chickens in a large chicken coop. Making living conditions comfortable will help boost your food production and extend the lifespan of your chickens.

Another thing to consider is how much time you will be able to devote to caring for your chicken coop. For those with a limited schedule, it might be beneficial to build a very basic coop. To keep the design basic, you may just want to line to wood with chicken wire.

Any other extras will increase the cost, of course, but shopping around for less expensive options will help cut costs. If you prefer to line the base of your coop with tennis balls, it is much cheaper than buying expensive materials that may get ruined anyway.

Large chicken coops can also be complicated. Some people prefer to have shelves or fancy extras, such as wooden ramps that allow chickens to enter and exit the coop at will. However, don’t assume that your coop has to be complex to be effective. A chicken coop with plastic wrap over the windows can be just as effective as one with glass windows.

Supplies such as these are less expensive, of course, but you will also need to consider your climate before investing in large chicken coops. If you live in a cold climate, you will most likely need to build or purchase a coop with extra insulation.

This could mean getting thick glass for windows or heavier insulation. If you live in a warm or tropical climate, you will need to make sure your coop has ample ventilation that allows the chickens to breathe.
Sabung Ayam
Freshlyground & ZANEWS – Chicken to Change (OFFICIAL RELEASE)

This music video was produced in 2010 (!), a collaboration between the South African band Freshlyground and ZANEWS, South Africa’s award-winning web and tv satirical puppet news show.
The song ‘Chicken to Change’ is from the band’s album ‘Radio Africa’.

Here are the full lyrics of the song:

i remember a time when you were noble
a supernova

so resplendent!
out of this world, you were shiny as a revelation!

we makorokoto utshintsha ma kutheni? 
(oh Congratulations, when will you ever change?)

you are chicken to change!
you are chicken to change!


and ever
be one with our beauty
shine for all the world over
an iridescent example of honour for the coming generation

we makorokoto utshintsha ma kutheni?

you are too chicken to change!

ye phithi phithi ingqondo yakho?
le tyibiliki ithongo lakho?
korokoto wasoloko wathembisa ukusivulela amasango
kodwa nguwe olala nesitshixo
(did you lose sight of the visions in your head?
did you lose grip of the dreams that you once held? 
you promised always to open the doors for us
indeed it is you and only you who sleeps with the key)

you are chicken to change!


Sabung Ayam