Latest Clinical Studies on Taking Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements and Health

New omega3 fish oil health benefits continue to be revealed. It has long been known that the omega3 fatty acids found in the oils contribute to heart health. Numerous studies have shown that there is benefit to people suffering from depression. Studies in the UK have demonstrated the benefit to kids with ADHD. Clinical trials composed of volunteers with rheumatoid arthritis have been promising. But, what’s the latest news?

One of the latest studies is from Canada. The researchers are attempting to display the mechanism by which DHA, a specific omega3, contributes to the protection of brain function in the elderly. Previous clinical trials indicate that there is some benefit for Alzheimer’s patients. What future research needs to show is just how much is needed to provide the benefit and if there is benefit for everyone or just for people that do not normally eat fish.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative brain disease that eventually leads to death, as brain cells continue to die. It places a burden on the people that suffer from it and on their caretakers. Current treatments are mostly ineffective. If the fish oil health benefits include a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, then there is reason to applaud.

Not only might this supplement reduce our risk of age-related diseases, one study indicates that it might help us look younger, too. The clinical trial was sponsored by a supplement company, which always makes others skeptical, but the researchers concluded that three months of supplementation improve the skin’s firmness by 10% in volunteers that participated. A measurement of wrinkling was not taken, but since one of the causes of wrinkle is lost firmness, there is reason to believe that it would reduce wrinkling, as well.

Over the years, fish oil health benefits have been seen in conditions ranging from acne to infertility and practically anything else that you can think of. Because of all of these highly publicized studies and because of the popularity of diets like the zone, omega3 supplements are some of the best selling on the market. The only problem is that there is little regulation concerning the quality of those supplements.

Manufacturers may test for things like contaminants and oxidation, but they are not always required to do so. The Council for Responsible Nutrition and the creation of the International Fish Oil Standards was hoped to bring some kind of standardization to the industry. But, surveys indicate that many manufacturers do not comply.

If there is a fish oil health benefit, it is dependent upon the manufacturers desire to provide a safe and effective product. The omega3 and DHA content should be high. No contaminants should be detected. Oxidation levels should be low and all of these things should be proven.

The manufacturer should stand behind their products with guarantees of excellence and value for money spent. Many of them rely on the consumers’ lack of information to sell their products. Now, you are a more informed consumer. You can take advantage of the fish oil health benefit, without any risk.