Latest Trends In Mass Communication Industry

Mass communication is an immense and prestigious industry of today. In India mass communication industry has undergone a complete transformation in the recent years. It has made an outstanding success in the last ten years. Earlier, media was not so influencing and powerful and job opportunities were also lesser as compared to today.

Presently, Mass communication industry invites several young and enthusiastic people for making a fruitful career in various streams of mass communication. There are wonderful job opportunities for talented people along with good remuneration, promotion and growth. A number of news channels in Hindi, English and regional offer multiple job opportunities in various streams of mass communication. Mass communication is one of the most chosen fields by the youngsters due to various interesting career options in this profession

This is to be noted here Mass communication is a collective terms, it has a series of streams like- news-reading, reporting, columnist, Anchoring, radio jockey, public-relation, advertising, production, acting etc. You could choose to go in any respective field of your choice, all you require a specialized training course which can enhance your skills.

Internet is the latest add- on in the mass communication industry. Today internet is also used for watching news and getting the latest update on the current happenings in the country and around the world. A lot of people turn to the internet while at work or outside home and it is being accessed all over the world. This is the reason now you would all news channels and news papers have maintained their own websites and columns. This also invites job opportunities for journalists and columnists to put their articles, blogs and send news to the millions of people across the world.

Career in mass communication is widely at demand and thousands of students apply for various courses in mass communication every year. Due to the rising rush for mass communication among students, a string of mass communication government colleges and private institutes have opened up in the major cities of India and towns. You may opt to do a degree or diploma in mass communication after your senior secondary or graduation. For mass communication course, it is important to have a good command in English and Hindi.

In olden days, journalism (Mass Communication) in India was restricted with in the political boundaries, agriculture and business houses only. The concern of a common man was given least weight-age. It was controlled by the Government of India and there used to be one news channels for news and entertainment of the Indian masses. However, with the course of time, developments took place and the mass communication industry has spread its manifolds in every sector. Today, media covers every social, political and international issue. It also pays equal importance to a common mans grievances and issues. Entertainment channels have also multiplied and cover a large number of audiences.

In addition with the satellite channels, a series of Radio channels (FM) have also come up. Every metropolitan city of India has its own various FM radio stations where several radio jockeys are working. Print media has also made a remarkable progress and dozens of Hindi, English and regional newspapers and magazines have come-up in the market. Today mass communication industry is not just limited to its countrys boundary but has reached globally. It also covers all the latest updates and current happenings around the globe. The other development in mass communication industry is advertising agencies. A number of big and small advertising agencies have come up in the market and there are multiple career options available for mass communication graduates.