Law Enforcement Blue Line Symbols to Determine Police Officers

Our police and army perform thanklessly to serve the nation day and evening. So, it’s our duty to give them respect and a distinctive identification that makes them stand apart from the widespread citizens and permits them to perform with more independence. In 1993, a national identity for the law enforcement officers was designed recognized as Blue Line in the form of a symbol, which shows a strong blue horizontal line or bar placed on the leading and bottom of a black rectangle. The logic behind creating such a symbol was to represent the police personnel standing as a thin line between good and evil while guarding the society. This symbol can be shown by way of the stickers or decals on police uniforms, vehicles or other related accessories such as hats, label pins, patches or license tags. Now, with the boost in the usage of social media, these symbols can also be place as profile photos as effectively as can be tattooed on the physique.

Blue color was selected to generate this exclusive symbol as it has been the classic colour of the police force even though black colour serves as a contrast for the blue when shown in the type of an image. Also, black is a neutral color due to which the blue line shines more emphatically. When these identifiers are used by the law enforcement officers, they are simply recognized all over the country that increases the concept of brotherhood or sisterhood among them. Also, these symbols help the public to determine a police officer from a distance in case of any emergency. And, only certified law enforcement officers are allowed to put on these symbols so that there is no misuse of them.

Even though serving the nation, a lot of of our beloved police officers are killed in the line of duty. Such officers are termed as fallen officers and they owe far more respect than anyone else. The exact same Blue Line symbol is utilised to determine them, but with some minor alterations such as a tear drop is added in the symbol to represent the tragic aspect of this profession.

So, if you are a law enforcement officer who wants to obtain law enforcement blue line identifiers, you can browse the net and look for them. You can attain out to the web site of the organization that created this idea and register oneself to get these items to identify fellow brothers and sisters.