Learn About Yoga Breathing – A Different Approach to Weight Loss

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you know how extremely difficult it can be. Counting calories, strenuous exercises that leave you panting for breath, and spending hundreds of dollars on weight loss plans hoping each time “this” one will work for you. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Of course, for most of us, shedding unwanted pounds does require watching our calories and getting of the sofa. But the good news is if you want to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight, you don’t have to spend another penny on special diets or run a marathon to do so.

What’s the secret? Simple. Learn about yoga breathing. When you apply the simple principles of this doctrine, you will address your weight problems on a whole new level.

Who knew losing weight could be as easy as breathing?

You discover how to develop a level of consciousness that includes the mind, body and spirit. Yoga breathing becomes an excellent tool for finally melting away unwanted pounds.

Learn about yoga breathing to dramatically speed up your metabolism

Consistent application of the exercises – which take 5 minutes a day or less – will allow you to change your body and metabolism without strenuous exercise and dieting to distract you. No two people approach poses and yoga breathing in exactly the same way. That’s because each person works within his or her own level of comfort. Once you become aware of your individual needs, you’ve taken the first step to using yoga as an effective weight loss tool.

During yoga the asanas, or postures, affect certain glands in a manner that causes them to increase the rate of hormone secretion. This is especially true with the thyroid, as it is instrumental in regulating body metabolism. Two asanas specifically designed to stimulate the thyroid are the shoulder stand and the fish posture. These exercises also increase fat metabolism meaning stored fat now contributes to muscle and is also burned away as energy. So not only do you lose weight, you’ll have a sleeker, more defined muscle tone. A sluggish energy level becomes energized.

Certain asanas massage the organs in the abdomen, which in turn release stored fat tissue. Other asanas correct metabolic imbalances by influencing the endocrine and nervous system.

These imbalances are one of the prime causes of obesity. Once you learn about yoga breathing, and practice the exercises regularly, you’ll also be able to breathe in a manner that allows the body cells, including fat cells, to increase the amount of oxygen they receive. Oxidation then burns up the fat cells.

And when you continue to practice yoga, you gradually burn more and more calories. Not only that, yoga calms anxiety, which is often is the culprit for overeating.