Learning Chicken Coop Design

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a growing trend occurring in neighborhoods throughout North America. This trend involves raising chickens. Of course, if you have been drawn to the concept, it’s important to learn how to choose plans for chicken coops before you even bring one bird home.

The chicken coop house is one in which your birds will live. That is exactly where they will lay their eggs and where you will have to go to retrieve them. Of course, you’ve probably seen some makeshift coops on TV or visiting a farm, and they can be quite unsightly. So, if you’re bringing them into your neighborhood, it has to be something that is a little more appealing and much more attractive.

It has crossed her mind to raise such birds, you have probably shopped for chicken coops and were probably surprised at their high cost. This may have actually turned to a way from this entire hobby. Let’s face it, you want to have the organic fowl and eggs but you also want to benefit from the low cost involved.

Of course, with such a high cost involved with regards to the coop, you’d probably left this project alone. But there are options and great solutions to this problem that will have you excited on your new hobby once again.

Very easily and comfortably from your computer, you can review plans for chicken coops, finding a design that you like that will suit your exact budget. So you as the urban farmer can start benefiting in various ways from owning your own birds.

The fact is, many of these plans that are made for the do-it-yourselfer are so simple that pretty much anyone can put it together. This is true even if you don’t have any skills with regards to building. What can be easier than following step-by-step instructions, already owning the tools required, and easily locating the materials necessary in the construction!
Sabung Ayam
AFRIKIN: Reggae Brunch
AFRIKIN: Reggae Brunch Africa + Kinship = AFRIKIN AFRIKIN: Reggae Brunch will be hosted every first Sunday of the month at trendy North Miami’s newest eatery, Café Crème, and will include a lineup of local and visiting international reggae artists, guest DJs as well as DJ sets by Miami staple, Rockers Movement. We will be selling your favorite Caribbean delights and beverages that will have you feeling that sweet Caribbean breeze on the MOCA promenade in North Miami. AFRIKIN: Reggae Brunch is a great addition to North Miami’s up-and-coming arts and culture scene. There’s a demand for authentic Caribbean cuisine by both locals and snowbirds that hasn’t been met south of Miami Gardens – until now. The music will only add to the authentic Caribbean feel, turning out Café Crème’s French menu. ____________________________________________________________ HIGHLIGHTS COST FOR BRUNCH IS: $40 WHICH INCLUDES ALL YOU CAN EAT AND 2 COCKTAILS. Delicious Food: Jerk Chicken | Ackee + Saltfish | Rice + Peas | Vegan + Vegetarian options available | + more Refreshing Drinks: Reggae Rum Punch | Marley Mimosa | Jamaican Colada | Rasta Fruit Punch FREE Parking Great Vibes + Happy People Dress Code: Comfortable happy attire suggested. Entertainment: RHYTHMADIX | Selector Iscious Equalizer Sound | DJ Idren Cornerstone Sounds | Rockers Movement Dub Session When you RSVP please confirm how many persons are in your seating party by selecting amount of tickets and the time for your reservation between 11am and 4pm. Confirmed reserved times will have seating preference over just walkups.  COST FOR BRUNCH IS: $40 WHICH INCLUDES ALL YOU CAN EAT AND 2 COCKTAILS. ____________________________________________________________ ABOUT US Team AFRIKIN is a dedicated and accomplished collection of entertainment, media, marketing, and international relations professionals who together pool our expertise to create cultural events unlike any other. From event management to booking first-rate artists and developing effective press and marketing campaigns, our team’s skill in creating new experiences with a social impact is unparalleled. Check out our FAQ section on http://afrikin.org/faq/ ____________________________________________________________ ** Our Standard ** What will set AFRIKIN apart from other mainstream and traditional events is that AFRIKIN will highlight the ingenuity, economic, and social opportunity of Africa and the African diaspora. The event will place an importance on the following components: INNOVATION We’re inviting trailblazers and up-and-comers of the continent and the diaspora who have identified gaps in the market, developed solutions, have a presence in the marketplace and are ready to present their ideas to investors to take them to the next level. ART We have a generation of artists who are challenging the status quo through their creativity. Their creations reinforce only the prevailing personas of millennials as tech-savvy, connected, socially conscious and experiential more than materialistic. TALKS The goals of AFRIKIN Talks is to inform, empower, and share human and capital resources with event goers who represent or are interested in the following industries: Activism/Social Justice, Arts and Culture, Business, Education, Health, Media, Technology and Women’s Issues. EXHIBITIONS AFRIKIN will host platforms for innovators to gain exposure and connect with leaders in various industries. Through our exhibitions and workshops, we’ll encourage collaborations between influencers and emerging ingenues, while contributing to the vibrant culture in diverse cities at select locales. MUSIC Oh yes, stellar live music experiences will be had. In conjunction with Rockers Movement, the production company that brought you Miami Reggae Festival, Art & Reason, and Bayside Rocks, AFRIKIN will spotlight a roster of some of the most influential musical heavy hitters from the African diaspora. This, friends, is the new world music. FOOD We won’t just provide food for sustenance. Our culinary Artists offer the finest in African-inspired cuisines at AFRIKIN events. From South African wine tastings to cooking exhibitions, your conversations will be elevated with the culinary movements of the African diaspora. ____________________________________________________________ DISCLAIMER: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY EVENT MANAGEMENT. NOTE PARTIES WILL NOT BE SEATED UNTIL FULL PARTY RSVP IS READY TO BE SEATED. EVENT DATE AND TIME ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. ARTIST, SPEAKERS, CHEFS AND SET TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE. RAIN OR SHINE MORE INFO Website: http://afrikin.org