Learning To Find “You” In Your Relationship

It’s quite normal to want your relationship with your beloved to remain stable and well. When you have one, you’ll want to maintain it, but one of the mistakes people tend to make is that they forget about the “me” time in their relationship.

Being constantly in each other’s company can be unhealthy. Having some time to yourself is important in order to prevent yourself from being wrung out. This is a common problem with couples – whether they’re still in that newlywed stage of romance or have been together for decades.

They have gotten to planning their schedule with their partner in tow that they have forgotten how it is to spend their time alone. Here are some ways you can nurture yourself so that you’re able to give the best to your lover when it is time to be a couple:

Sit back and relax at home with a good novel, lose yourself in a mystery, suspense or romance. Some quiet time alone can do wonders for your inner self, you’ll feel all bright and refreshed the next time you meet up with your partner.

Watch a movie that you’ve wanted to see, but your partner wasn’t interested in seeing (like a good chick flick). Don’t deny yourself something you want to do just because your partner doesn’t want to do it.

Spend some time with your family. Spending time with your family can help you keep a relationship strong. Often times we prefer out partner’s company too much that it puts a strain on our relationship with our own family.

Enjoy some time with your friends. Spending time with your friends allows you to let loose and be yourself without worrying how you’re coming across to the other person. If for some reason your partner begins to show too much jealousy, then you might want to re-evaluate your relationship.

Get a past time of your own. If golf is a sport that only you like, then you should go ahead and enjoy it without needing to tug your partner along. Find a new group you can play the game with, or you can just have fun by yourself. If making clothes interests you, then go do it. Just because your partner finds it boring, doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

Enjoy a bubble bath or whirlpool. Spend some time primping and pampering yourself with a bubble bath. Coddle yourself a bit so that you’ll be brimming with energy when it’s time to be with your sweetheart again.

Go browse some shops. Go to the mall and see if you can buy yourself something new. You could also try keeping an eye out for something that might interest your loved one. Now might be the time to dine on that exotic cuisine that your partner can’t stand, this time you won’t have to worry about giving him or her an indigestion. Go out and go to your favorite haunts, like a book shop or antique store.

A healthy relationship requires “me” as much as “we” time. Be sure to plan a healthy dose of both in your relationship. And when the time comes and your partner wishes to find himself, be supportive enough to step aside and do the figuring out on his own.
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