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Bali is one of the many stars that sparkle like diamonds on the Indian Ocean and form a significant part of the vibrant Indonesian Archipelago. When you have an island at almost every direction you look at then the island that gets the title of ‘Island of the Gods’ must be something really special. And that is exactly what Bali is. With an almost unreal skyline and tempting landscapes to go with it, the island strikes closer to a daydream than a living reality which takes even the most seasoned tourists a while to get used to. And with international flights it becomes even harder not to mistake all this for your sweetest travel dream.

Apart from the usual thrills and chills that surround a world-renowned island, Bali has a lot more to offer its lucky tourists. There is an entire layer of ancient art and culture too that gets overlooked if you are not looking at the right places while here. One of those places is Ubud, the official cultural capital of this dreamy island. This artistic hamlet mainly comprises of the art galleries, workshops and, of course, the artists who are responsible for keeping this art universe in the right orbit. The international air tickets come as no less than a boon when you book them at the right time and get incredible discounts for a trip to Bali.

This village is a collection of a total of fourteen smaller villages that differ a bit from each other in some ways. You will see carefully tended rice fields here as far as your eyes can see. These fields run almost parallel to the joyful river flowing right next to them as if competing with it to get to the horizon first. The locals are quite friendly and one can notice them still busy in their simple ways of life though the international flights are bringing even more adventurous tourists every other day to here.

There is no shortage of naturally blessed sights and sceneries in this corner of the island. But you might encounter something even more interesting than that here. The village is rife with ancient archaeological masterpieces. One of them is the 11th century Pura Puseh Batuan Temple decorated extensively with stone carvings. Don’t forget to pause and admire the five-tiered gateway tower that demonstrates indigenous Indian architectural style. To view this rare Balinese architectural gem, avail the best of international airfares to here right away.
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Awesome Kuta Beach! Bali, Indonesia / full HD /Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Beach | Bali, Indonesia / full HD

Sabung Ayam