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LED LCD TV price decline. Shenzhen Special Zone Daily profile picture
Shenzhen Special Zone Daily News (Wu’s group) Shenzhen Skyworth, Konka, TCL three color TV giants, timely transition LED industry, in the new round of competition in the industry take the initiative. Reporter yesterday from Shenzhen FPD Industry Association noted that the face of Sony, Sharp, Samsung and other foreign brands, “May 1” Golden Week targeted price cuts in the first-tier cities, such as Shenzhen Skyworth LED LCD TV sales rose enterprise, became the LED LCD TV market leader in brand.
Timely distribution of deep-enterprises LED LCD TV
“Although the area of Skyworth LCD layout of the LED is not the first, but cut into the LED LCD Skyworth the timing is just right, and there is no way a company like Skyworth spare no effort to promote the popularization of LED LCD.” Skyworth China marketing center in the case of the Deputy Chief SUN said.
Hisense in China, and South Korea’s Samsung, LG introduced the first LED LCD TV manufacturers, but due to the high initial price of LED backlight modules, and also the existence of direct type and side-in the technical competition had to LED LCD in a long period of time are very small sales.
With Samsung, LGD the main push of the side-in the cost of LED technology into the mainstream after the big drop, LED LCD with CCFL LCD price gap down to 100 U.S. dollars, the Skyworth decisive strike, beginning from September 2009 to finalize the Skyworth the main push LED LCD strategy.
At the same time, Konka, TCL also has layout LED industry. Shenzhen Three LED color TV color TV giants have launched new products in the market set off a LED color TV boom, LED replace the traditional CCFL LCD backlight LCD TV amazingly.
LED backlight module prices
Skyworth, Konka, TCL, Shenzhen LED LCD TV brands and timely distribution of the field is seen as an alternative LED LCD CCFL LCD’s industrial upgrading trend. The inherent advantages of energy-saving ultra-thin, coupled with declining costs, to increasingly highlight the advantages of LED LCD.
Market research organization DisplaySearch baked to a recent report that global TV shipments, with LED backlight module prices continue to fall this year, LED backlit LCD TV shipments expected to reach 35 million units, accounting for 180 million LCD TV Taiwan 20%.
LED LCD TV is pushing on the domestic color TV giants, the report data still looks a little conservative, because in the Chinese market prices of LCD and LED are gradually gain market share CCFL LCD’s overwhelming advantage.
Skyworth Sales Center executive vice president of China told reporters SUN, LED backlit LCD TV in slim, energy-saving and full high definition technology has obvious advantages, its cost far more than CCFL LCD, the price gap between the two sides will gradually reduce.
Obtain low-cost advantages of vertical integration
In fact, including LCD TVs, including LED LED industry is currently the hottest area of investment. In October last year, relevant departments of the State Development and Reform Commission issued the “views of the semiconductor lighting energy industry”, the internal LED from the downstream application package to the upper reaches of the chip, substrate materials, the investment into the hot stage.
Public opinion in the development of less than six months, including three security optoelectronics, BDO Runda, wave, including Tongfang total size of more than 60 billion yuan in the number of LED in the upper reaches of investment plans were introduced, the world’s top four LED One of the U.S. chip maker, Career began investing in the construction of the Shenzhen River near the Huizhou plant.
As LED industry base in Shenzhen, now has a complete LED industry chain. Skyworth, Konka, TCL terminal three major TV manufacturers, could go to the procurement of raw materials, logistics and production costs lower.
At the same time, domestic LED LCD TV industry, the past is subject to European and American enterprises in Japan and Korea chips, but with the domestic upstream industry will gradually complete the package, Skyworth, Konka and other domestic color TV giants such as Japan and South Korea and Samsung will have the same brand external resources. At present, TCL chose self panel factory in Shenzhen; Skyworth select a more cost-efficient vertical integration model, shares LGD Guangzhou LCD module factory in March this year announced it would spend 133.7 million U.S. dollars equity participation on behalf of Guangzhou LGD8.5 LCD panel factory, only less than 1.3 billion yuan gained the upper reaches of a steady supply of LCD panels, and through joint research and development with LGD in the field of LED backlight, had a core technology. SABUNG AYAM