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HC Shoe News Network on April 2 announced the world’s leading sports brand Adidas officially join the famous young actress, Miss Li Bingbing Taiwan’s Golden Horse award jointly launched in 2010 Adidas women’s spring and summer market activities. Miss Li Bingbing will be officially in March 2010 as the Adidas Women’s Training Series “Me, Myself.” Spokesperson, and with a series of brand promotion activities.

2009 Adidas Women’s Training Series debut “Me, Myself.” Marketing activities, among which “Whoisnext’Me, Myself ‘” as the main theme of the network star contest, caused by the enthusiastic participation of women consumers . Continuation of the previous boom, Adidas Women’s Training Series in 2010, deepening the “Me, Myself.” Concept, to encourage women through sports, wake up our inner vitality, the release of “self” of energy, to achieve a better self.

Adidas enable Joke as ambassador for women’s training series is hoping to adopt a clear image, and better delivery to the female consumer “Me, Myself.” Concepts. Adidas Greater China, Bi Po-yuan, vice president of the market, said: “Miss Li Bingbing achieved in the extraordinary career from her relentless pursuit of success, the success of her good interpretation of the Adidas’ Impossible is Nothing ‘brand spirit. while her love of movement and self-confident and elegant women are vividly portraying the image of modern women to explore and enhance the self. We hope that by the Miss Li Bingbing will brand spirit advocated by Adidas with the idea of passing off from, with more female consumers to share and experience. “

Campaign for Joke and Adidas have come together. Different from the screen before the image of life Joke’s favorite sport, her passion for yoga has claimed no less than the love of the performing arts. Four years of yoga practice to help increase her confidence and calm. Actress turned gorgeous road, public utilities have confirmed Joke active part in the conviction of the “Impossible is Nothing.” Movement, so that Li Bingbing and Adidas have come together. Turning to the campaign for family mission, Joke sincerely said: “I know Adidas is a real demand to close the women’s movement, and provide comprehensive and reliable support for the brand campaign. I hope that through this Cooperation , The Adidas women’s health? Elegant? Self-confident image of the movement spread to more women consumers, so that they can like me, through the campaign, more healthy? More beautiful, to achieve a better self. ” Li Bingbing as the invitation

Adidas Women’s Balance series and aerobic training series ambassador. In addition to the family and the comfort of professional recognition, the considerable experience in the fashion modeling aspects of the Joke you were generous and shared their experiences fashionable sportswear. Joke especially recommended balance spring and summer 2010 series, soft and fresh bright colors highlight the feminine qualities, easy folding design for the dress to wear to provide more creative space to fashion beautiful woman every minute movement.

“Me, Myself.”, And Joke together to achieve a better self. SABUNG AYAM