Lieutenant Involved In Big Pelham Card Game Bust Retires

Pelham police Lieutenant Scott Tucker announced his retirement earlier this month, which marks the end of several years of properly-regarded service for the Pelham, Ala., location. Tucker is known for being a dependable resource for journalists and sustaining professionalism throughout his years with the Pelham Police Division. He also created national headlines and had the gaming globe abuzz when he busted a huge, unauthorized game of Texas Hold ‘Em in Pelham early in 2010.

Pelham and Hoover police had a search warrant, which they served beneath Tucker as they entered a creating near Highway 31 in Pelham on a Saturday afternoon in February. A lot more than 72 players had been involved in the game, and they had place in income totaling thousands of dollars. Of the 72 players, no a single was arrested when Tucker’s team performed the raid, but the investigation had been going on for weeks, and numerous pieces of gear had been seized to help the investigation additional.

Tucker created a statement at the time that all participants had been cooperative, identified and released with no charges. Though the raid supplied a benchmark in the investigation, it was still ongoing, with investigators to do further work and gather a lot more data prior to they presented the case to the Shelby County District Attorney. The DA would make the final selection on whether to file charges against any of the men and women involved, and if so, which of them would be prosecuted.

Tucker mentioned a lot of of the players in the tournament weren’t even from the Pelham/Shelby County location, but had come from outdoors areas in order to play. There was proof that the large tournament was not the first of its type, and several of the individuals playing had been to other tournaments prior to the raid, some numerous instances.

Web sites and forums across the nation started speaking about where to draw the line and if property-hosted cardgames would be cracked down un unfairly in the future. But Tucker was clear about the significance of this specific raid, saying that the predicament had escalated far past a point of just playing cards with neighbors or buddies. “Now there are situations exactly where that could be regarded a violation of the law,” he stated. “Now this case involved numerous folks coming from quite a few components of the state.”

In Alabama, it is illegal to acquire profit from an illegal gambling activity. The investigation sought to decipher regardless of whether the game could fall under a provision of the law, which makes it possible for a defense against the charges if the particular person charged with participating in the illegal activity was “engaged in a social game in a private location.”

Tucker additional calmed the fears of card players by explaining that if charges have been filed from the raids, it could be due to the fact prosecutors concluded that the promoters of the games violated one more state law, one particular that tends to make it illegal to market or profit from illegal gambling even if you don’t participate in the game. For these who do play cards recreationally, the raids weren’t any purpose to be concerned, but Tucker and his investigative group stated they knew of other games operating in the location and would investigate them in the coming weeks.

The game bust was 1 of Tucker’s most talked-about acts as Pelham lieutenant.
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