Light Wisely in Your Vacation Rentals – Saving Energy and Bills

Vacation rentals have the same set of utilities like most homes possess. Water and electricity bills are a part of your monthly budget designations. When not maintained and looked after, these utility bills can eat away at your rental business profits. Routine maintenance and repair can be a constant solution in the prevention of utility-related accidents like fire and plumbing failure. But there are other means of lessening the cut of utility bills from your monthly payments. One of this is focusing in improving your lighting systems and design.

Lighting contributes about 20% of the total consumption in electrical bills. If lighting is managed properly, you could lessen that consumption to a meager 5% in your billing. Remember that redesigning your lighting systems can initially cost you a considerable investment, but the savings your rental business can accumulate in time can return the initial losses to a long term and more efficient savings in utility billings. Some lighting saving tips are briefly discussed below.

Replace any incandescent lamp installations with CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps. These lamps are designed to consume about 75% lesser energy, emit 70% less heat, and last longer 10 times compared to its prior incandescent ancestor. Many green earth organizations encourage the installation of CFLs in most facilities to help minimize the energy consumption that has been depleting the planet’s resources. Your vacation rentals can be a part of the green revolution by preferring energy-efficient lighting and appliances.

Harness the free natural lighting in your area. Some vacation rentals are located in bright locations in the tropics or a sunny state. Having plenty of days light manipulated to light certain areas of the rental unit depends on the unit design. But having big windows or honeycomb window blinds can be a good start of employing the natural light to enter some dreary parts of the unit. That could save the electricity that lighting might use during the daytime.

For outdoor located rentals, outdoor lighting is often required to keep away unwanted visits from the wildlife. Halogen lamps have been a favorite outdoor light due to their luminosity and brightness but are now being slowly replaced by high LEDs or light emitting diodes. LEDs as outdoor lamps perform equally with halogen lamps but with lesser heat and energy consumption.

Keep lighting fixtures clean and dust free. For lighting lamps to be at their top luminosity, clean their housing or casing such as lamp shades and industrial fixtures. Wiping off dusts and dirt out of the way of lighting sources can give out better brighter results.

Proper lighting can really be a good way to start saving up on your utility bills. Energy resources can help save earth and save up money. For some of your renters, letting them know that you care about the environment can give them an idea that you care for their comfort too. That means loyal clients who would recommend your vacation rentals to others – free word of mouth advertising without costing you anything.
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