Limo Nabs Geek A Dream Prom Date

There’s this girl at my brother’s high school, and he’s crazy about her. She’s a cheerleader, captain of the debate team and winner of last year’s Miss Orange County.

My brother has coke-bottle glasses and takes computers apart for fun.

Yup, real girl magnet… Not.

But he really likes this chick, and he wants to take her to the prom, so as his older sister and resident romantic, it’s my duty to make his dream come true.

I wasn’t sure how to do it. Bribery didn’t seem like the way to go. Threats could get me in trouble with the parental units. I talked to my friends and my co-workers, but nothing.

Then I saw an awards show on TV. There was Robert Pattinson climbing out of a limo, waving at his screaming fans, and I knew just what to do.

Hire a limo.

Now I know a limo isn’t going to make my brother look like Robert Pattinson. He’ll still be his same pasty self who likes to talk techy. But no girl can ignore a nice, lean limo driven by a chauffeur. If he rides up in one of those to ask her out, no girl in her right mind will say no. I mean, even if he makes her gag, she’s got to want to take a sweet ride in a limousine, right?

So here’s the plan. My brother nabs some daisies from the flower shop down the street from his school. The limo picks him up at the flower shop corner. He arrives at the school right when his cutie pie is getting out of cheerleading practice. He hands her the flowers and asks her to the prom. She says yes. Mission accomplished.

Aren’t I the best sister ever?

I just had to find a limo that I could afford on the tips I pick up at my college’s coffee house. I’m a romantic, but a poor romantic. I called around to a few places, and surprisingly, limos don’t have to be expensive as you think. The customer service rep was totally cool when I said I had a smallish budget. I just have to make sure my dweeb brother snags his girl in under two hours, and this coup will be more affordable than I would have thought possible.

Oh, and the deal includes limo service for prom night. Sweet!

So the proposal went off without a hitch. My brother remembered to hand over the daisies, and the cheerleader said yes to the prom.

There’s just one problem. My brother is suddenly the most popular guy in school. All these girls keep calling him and tying up the phone line. “Is Charles there? When will he be back? Can I leave my number?” Sheesh.

My poor brother doesn’t know what to do, but at least he’ll have a great prom story to tell his children.

Not that Charles owes me anything, but he’d better get me a limo ride for my graduation. I’m just saying.
Sabung Ayam
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