Lion King And Broadway

The good news has been announced! Lion King is now the seventh longest-running musical in Broadway during its 5 462nd performance on January 2, 2011.This is a good start on this year of the rabbit for Lion King Broadway production. They have proven their dedication to success. In fact, their awards are already hard to count with fingers.

They won six Tony Awards and this includes Best Director which leads Julie Taymor to become the first woman to receive a Tony Award for Best Director of a Musical, Best Choreography, Best Lighting Design of a Musical, Best Costume Design for a Musical, Best Scenic Design for a Musical and Best Musical of course. There are also eight Drama Desk Awards during 1998 and a Theatre World Award at the same year. There are two awards from Laurence Olivier Awards during 1999. The last on the list is the three Moliere awards by the year 2008.

If we check on what are their awards mostly, we can see that they are really awarded on Best in Design. It is not hidden to everybody that they are really good with designing costumes and the whole production is really beautiful. The costume design, the mastery of puppet movements, choreography and golden voices bring the animals come to senses. It really makes them characterized similar to the real one. Each animals beauty was showed in Lion King Broadway.

It seems they are best described with the line in a song, that the winner takes it all. Well, it is not their fault if they are good in design and possess the artistic mind. They are able to bring the audience to their childhood even just in a show. Every single move seems like a surprise that keeps your heart beats faster and become joyful as you see them performing well with their costumes and with high tech lightings.

No matter, how many times this Lion King Broadway retell the story of the Lion King movie the people will keep coming back because of the values they get from the story and of course because of the charming performances and production. Indeed, Lion King is a colorful and vibrant Broadway show that is not just for kids but for adults also.

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