List Of The Top Ten Foodie Cities Around The World

One of the most exciting parts of traveling abroad is eating fine local foods. If you are a world traveler who enjoys tasting different foods, below is a List of the Top Ten Foodie Cities around the World.

Vancouver, British Columbia: The city of Vancouver is home to a wide range of terrific restaurants serving wonderful and delicious food. Visit Chinatown and enjoy such delicious specialties as dim sum and pork buns. Vancouver also offers delicious seafood and fine wines. Yaletown is a popular area to visit as it contains many wonderful restaurants serving delectable culinary delights.

Barcelona, Spain: The beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona is filled with delicious Catalan cuisine. Visitors will enjoy such delectable foods as pork stew and paella. La Boqueria sells such fine foods as tapas, fresh fruit, and bocadillos which are delicious sandwiches. Little Barcelona (La Barceloneta) offers some of the city’s best seafood.

Tunis, Morocco: Tunis is home to a wide variety of Mediterranean cuisine. Visitors will enjoy such meals as lamb and seafood. Spices and olive oil are main ingredients emphasized in the food. In the Medina District, you will find cheaper delicious food.

San Francisco, California: San Francisco is home to wide range of fantastic restaurants. Food served include: freshly grown food, pungent sourdough, and mouth-watering Ghirardelli chocolate. Make sure you check out the foods in Chinatown and North Beach Little Italy.

Palermo, Italy: In the beautiful city of Palermo, you will enjoy such scrumptious food as: crocches (balls of potato, risotto, or rice) pane panelle (snacks made from chickpea flour), and Scaccio, (a mix of pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and chick peas.) Check out such chic restaurants on Viale Della Liberta and the 11th Century Market where you will find beans, veggies, fruits, and local almonds.

Paris, France: Paris is world famous for its mouth-watering food. Visitors will enjoy the bread and cheese, lamb shoulder, and duck liver. The 8th Arrondissement contains a wide variety of chic restaurants.

Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo emphasizes fresh food. Enjoy such tasty foods as fresh fish, noodles, tofu, sashimi, sushi, and tempura. The Tsukiji Market is one of the world’s biggest fish markets. You will be overwhelmed with all of the city’s exceptional restaurants.

Athens, Greece: Greece is not just famous for its feta and olives, but also for its delicious classic dishes such as moussaka, lamb, and stuffed grape leaves. As well, seafood such as Aegean oysters can be found on the waterfront of Mikrolimano harbour.

Istanbul, Turkey: You will not be disappointed with foods in Istanbul. Enjoy platters of meze, local seafood such as grilled fish, as well as lamb.

New York City, New York: New York City is home to a wide assortment of diverse cultural foods and boutique grocery markets. Chelsea Market is famous for its gourmet food stores. TriBeCa contains the trendiest restaurants. Visit Soho for a tasty meal and Little Italy for a delicious plate of pasta.

For food travelers, visiting a city that offers the most exquisite food makes a vacation even more memorable. When planning your next vacation, consider a city well known for its fantastic food.
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